Tweets about a recent trend: Blippy

@Tuscanery There is an amazing blippy-bloppy soundtrack by the phenomenally tall and talented
Why oh why oh why has wordpress started making little blippy noises at me?
a briar is a tamarind: blippy, but not communicational
an accident is an ascent: blippy, but not hibernating
We've been vibing on @AmberArcades' blippy chilltronica all day. Check out the vid for "Turning Light" below.
"RND" by #COMPACTOR. Some cool blippy noise from an act that played our show at PA's Lounge on Friday. #SongADay
RT @vilbi: Met @BlippyTheSlug at the #Museumsuferfest in #Frankfurt an took this Picture of Blippy in Action πŸ˜‰
Met @BlippyTheSlug at the #Museumsuferfest in #Frankfurt an took this Picture of Blippy in Action πŸ˜‰
@DaveNewcyBrown Bournemouth/Winton royal british legion club! Remember Lorraine? Blippy? Its her 50th!
@primesuspect Dude, tickets to blippy-do-con are going for $2000 this year @linc
For the record, it was blippy *doodle*.
One of the lead Vanilla developers @linc just told me "We need a blippy-doo in that thingy". Highly technical developer.
My new rap name Hack Blippy
I don't know what I'm feeling less head blippy, failed 3 in a row.
@benjaminbland @kate_mayberry Perhaps a Blippy-type service to keep track of how they pay for licences in Sumatra
@RunItsBlip Blippy, I will always invite u to my parties! And I'll make sure there are plenty of leche sacs for you to touch!
@argobagdr Here's the best LP. Commentary by the blippy bloops.
Me (as Blippy) and my home-girl Marie Antoinette. The past and the future collide! #Ottawa…
RT @jakezavracky: aries: total weirdo psychedelic pop with ethereal vocals and blippy bloops from barcelona: @lacastanya