RT @bakedalaska: Replace "white people" with any other race & you'd be suspended. This is mainstream culture now, when will you wak…
😌 : twin fa life 😂💘 but race ya back
RT @mitchellvii: I have no doubt whatsoever that God helped Mr trump win this race. Too many incredible things happened at just the right time.
Cause I can tell you hours of stories about what my elite, white professional middle class profs did to my mixed ra…
RT @slvrbmw7: @MaryLoveUS4 Someone who uses the race card allot is usually the racist.
RT @AroundTheNFL: Jameis Winston has Bucs in thick of playoff race with win in San Diego
RT @TNR_Gold: #Lithium Race Ludicrous Mode: #Apple Reveals Plans For Self-Driving #Electric Car. #iCar Sonic #BOOM #BanDIEsel #EVs
RT @EveKeneinan: How do you make a YouTube video claiming “White privilege means never being judged by your race” WHILE YOU ARE JUDGING WHITES BY THEIR RACE?
School Choice Group Pushes Back on race-conscious readers share the their schools implementing Place-Based Education children's
@FO_ScottKacsmar Joakim Noah finished 4th in the MVP race 2-3 years ago, that does not mean he is a top-5 NBA player.
RT @bakedalaska: Replace "white people" with any other race & you'd be suspended. This is mainstream culture now, when will you wak…
RT @lianeMartin6: "I'm a black american and I'm proud of my race" #MichaelJackson
RT @_HankRearden: Rabbi tells Jewish teens that nothing's more important than marrying within Jewish race. Quite the opposite narrati…
@ElleKnoxxxau too late ohh its not a race let me put something back on
RT @pwn3d781: @MattWeaverAW At a Cup race, of course. At an SLM race, I don't want my favorite teams going broke trying to making pit stops a spectacle.
RT @mitchellvii: Donald Trump wants ALL American Citizens to prosper and be their best, regardless of race or sex. The Left calls this racist and misogynist.
RT @nationwide88: How do we say thanks for voting @DaleJr #14xMPD? Give away a bunch of cool stuff including race used memorabilia:…
RT @idem7: "The real question is why is Dalvin Cook not in the heisman race" - Jameis in his post game press conference.
RT @JetBlxck5sos: Just a reminder no matter your sexuality, gender, race, age, or anything. WE. ARE. ALL. HUMAN. SO. THEREFORE. WE.…
@brianstelter in reality, your one sided reporting and race baiting fake news are what's really hurting you, and sharing debate questions.
Shut them race baiters down in a hurry
Não consigo lagar o This is not a rupauls best friend race group pq não consigo abandonar o Gustavo Verões. Acho que estou apaixonada
Y'all talking shit about Monsta X because their song is called White Girl. Sheesh. IT'S NOT ABOUT RACE. IT'S ABOUT A PURE GIRL. Thank you.