Race-based school budget cuts spark outrage in NoHo via @ABC7
@eos_prime @ImaTouchole2 @runninginterror @knownasvan Drag Race premiere. Sorry should have been more specific.
@todd_mansfield @POTUS If I am a disgrace, then you sir are an abomination to the human race. Good luck in life.
RT @Lucaspeebo: It's a journey. Not a race. Take it easy.
RT @juanitoo95: Thunder barley beat the mavs : omg Russ MVP Rockets destroy the thunder: whatever it's a close race.
(Race) Music News: “I don't know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I've toured is you.”
I'm not in competition with no one. My life is not a race, I have enough years ahead of me to accomplish everything I have set for myself.
@_Ash_Clark the song's nothing to do with race , it's 'black' as in low or bleak
RT @KatyyAnnn: Even though Islam is not a race nor religion nor economic group nor ..., somebody admonished me not to be xenophobi…
RT @ComedyWorIdStar: Crackheads are evolving the human race
RT @bornthisjoanne_: O episódio de "RuPaul's Drag Race" 9, com participação de Lady Gaga, foi o de maior audiência do reality!
They would have done well to print this page on yellow paper and save me the trouble. #Barzun on #Race
RT @DeeGit: Last year Calder race: "can't use Points Per Game Avg" This years Hart: "but Crosby has a high Point Per Game Avg…
I legit don't understand why people need to bring race into everything. All that matters is their character not their skin color. Grow up
選手体重は少ないほどよいが、規定体重より500グラム少ない体重が一番モーターにも体にもいいらしい。 逆に規定体重より4キロ以上少ないと座席に引くオモリになり、足は落ちる。
Race Face Turbine Cinch Double Chainset - 24/38 170mm Black #bikes
RT @Track_Advice: That Time When You Almost Won the Race and Spider Man wan't Having it! #DidThatJustHappen?
RT @F1: "A great day for us" "There are precious few reasons for us to be cheerful" #AusGP reaction from every team >>…
RT @mooretommyh: @RealKyleMorris Whites are the most discriminated against race today!
RT @AmazingRaceCBS: Are you ready? The race begins this Thursday, March 30th at 10/9c on @CBS. #AmazingRace
RT @SkyRacingAU: Under The Thumb storms home down the outside to claim honours in Race 3 at #Tamworth!
Can't tell me shit now 😜