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@TalbertSwan Hey swan you like talking Race how's this guy for a racist? Had to hire 2 black guys to beat him up th…
@DTCMolloy Adaptation, American Beauty, Black Swan, The Departed. Am I a hater? Or do I just hate the beginning of the alphabet?
RT @justjaredjr: .@DoveCameron channeled #BlackSwan while attending the @TeenVogue Young Hollywood Party last night!
@ColoredBinge DAME ESPACIO AKSUSJSUSJSUSUSU Tiene que subirse así cuando toca con el ramen pls y el maquillaje que puso de black swan, AY 💞
RT @eliesaaab: Mila Kunis in Black Swan. She was too powerful.
RT @Groecar: New artwork for sale! - "Swan Elegance Black and White" - @FineArtAmerica
Black Swan's Jumbo Swan #Wax is a 100% pure wax #gasket to set all floor #toilet bowls
spotted a black swan on my walk today 🖤
Part 1 of a series for my Black Swan Orphanage on my first startup experience coming from living Dilbert cartoons <3
RT @fierysadness: Natalie Portman in: Black Swan (2011) Jackie (2016) Vox Lux (2018)
@nntaleb In The Black Swan, you mentioned that William Shirer's Berlin diary influenced you the most and since, Wil…
@critiquemasquee 2011: Drive, Midnight in Paris, Black Swan, Tree of life, Polisse, Intouchables, The Artist, Scream 4.
@dvorakoelling She is not going to get it - Strategically if Beto is in Its down to them - Bernie could be the Black Swan.
RT @eliesaaab: Mila Kunis in Black Swan. She was too powerful.
セックスしたのは、 アナタガ………… チュキダカラ〜〜〜〜!!!!!!
この違いはなんだろう🤔と考察 高杉くんは、が枕詞 ・身元がはっきりしてる(社名も仕事内容も一致し、信憑性高し) ・あまり私に興味なさそう(だからモノにしたくなる🔥) ・私に気を使わず色んなこと話してくれてる(聞いてればいいから楽)…
金曜→丸顔くん🙂(手と頬にチューされても鋼鉄のガードを見せて終電前に百発百中で帰る) 土曜→高杉くん😍(2時まで4軒はしごして難なくお持ち帰りし、朝までソファに寝かしてたが、寒いとベッドに潜ってきて大人しく寝てたが思わずちゅーが始まってばちぼこにセックス)
Oh lupa black swan yy - Der gefährlichste Mann der Welt - der Business-Coaching-Podcast von Wolfgang Kierdorf, de…
RT @fierysadness: Natalie Portman in: Black Swan (2011) Jackie (2016) Vox Lux (2018)
RT @2019kaionly: ✉️ "BLACK SWAN" 굿즈 리스트를 공개합니다!