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8. Black Swan (2010) Dir. Darren Aronofsky
@tchaiko @AWolfeful @missnuma I was on there. I talked about “black swan.” It was awesome
RT @markets: The cost of hedging against tail risks in U.S. stocks has plummeted to its lowest in more than two years…
@derekGUMB @jordanclindsey @francispouliot_ "black swan" is often used for unlikely devastating scenarios coming o…
RT @QuickeeFilmTime: @lukeonfilm Black Swan, El Mariachi, Clerks, Primer, Half Nelson
RT @_x__Bunny__x_: @lukeonfilm Black Swan, First Man (some parts were shot on 16mm)& Half Nelson.
RT @jnkyult: if yg doesn't upload the full version of better and black swan then what's the point
televizyada black swan var izleyemiyorum, bazı sahneleri aşırı korkutucu ama değiştiremiyorum da 🖤
RT @Vif_music: 【News】ex.THE BLACK SWANの儿(Vo)とex.SCREWのルイ(B)が新バンド「ARTiCLEAR」を結成! #Vif #儿 #ルイ #ARTiCLEAR
RT @BeachMetroNews: Winterfolk Blues and Roots Festival hosts preview concert Saturday night at The Black Swan
@Thundercatnat @jordanclindsey @francispouliot_ A lot of measures. You really want to bet against the US government…
#NowPlaying @ 14:03:53 ET: "Black Swan" by Thom Yorke from "The Eraser" (2006)
RT @SIRISYSPrime: @RicoRoho R: We will expect to see "Steady incremental progress coupled to massive intermitant leaps and occasion b…
@lukeonfilm Black Swan, First Man (some parts were shot on 16mm)& Half Nelson.
Black Swan izledim Bi 3yıl daha aynaya bakamam korkudan
RT @filmiphe: “I felt it. Perfect. It was perfect.” Black Swan (2010)
RT @cartoonnetwork: ...And that's enough 💖Tag a friend who would love this cute #StevenUniverse mug! ☕
RT @hperryhorton: Fame, Madness, and the Female Self-Predator: MULHOLLAND DRIVE BLACK SWAN THE NEON DEMON Watch them in sequence.
RT @Jiranan05531382: Black Swan ร้องตามได้กันหมดเเล้ว น่ารักกกกกกก #YG_TREASURE_BOX
@MilenaRodban And this isn't a Grey Swan, let alone a Black Swan. Will movies suffice in future?
At brunch @PeterLaPrade and I decided that we will be doing Black Swan the musical on Broadway with Peter as Nina and me as Barbara Hershey.
@aimbullettrades Ive pretty much shut up shop for 2018 now put all profits into RRE at 6.15/6.25. Worth a look imo…
The greatest Natalie Portman movie is _____.
it looks like "vox lux" is just black swan repackaged except natalie portman is even less convincing as a pop star…