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@IndoniSAfrica It's just like here n USA; the black panthers movement was very positive fighting for black people's rights here n America.
@dwagsphoto @Browns @WOIOSports @TonyZ19 So they're Black Panthers now?
@manicmonkeymind @MichaelDKolpack @LaraLeaTrump @IvankaTrump Kkk ,blm, white supremacists, black panthers, all make…
@annoying_uday @kenner3616 So white supremacists, which are the original topic, are now irrelevant and your deflect…
This is what American polls will look like if we allow it. Obama had black panthers at R polls 2 test the waters of…
@MaryKayCabot So now they’re Black Panthers... great
So now some of the Browns players want to raise their fists like the black panthers used to do!
@SInow wait until the black panthers want to be an NFL sponsor, coming to a stadium near you
@dan_labbe Are the Browns the new, Black Panthers? What a bunch of a55holes!
@annoying_uday @EmilyEggbert Are you referring to the two black panthers at the polling station in Philadelphia tha…
@clevelanddotcom Plenty of black panthers though
Soon to come headline: Science Cat Becomes Black Panthers's Symbolic Meme, Milo Yiannopoulos About To Blow A Gasket
@therajraj this is no different than what happened in the 60s and 70s with the black panthers and hippies
@amays4439 @keithboykin Because the black panthers didn’t slaughter millions of innocent people..they stood up and protected their own
@HardyDamMan Trump denounced KKK, Nazis, and white supremacy, no liberal outlet denounces antifa, black panthers?
black panthers masih menjadi pujaan hati
CSUSM hosts former Black Panthers
The same people call her a cop-killer calls the Black Panthers a hate group
@Joan1Barb @RiveraGrrl @The_Ryan_Shull @realDonaldTrump The President doesn't order prosecutions. The DOJ is indepe…
@davesiegel @RiveraGrrl @The_Ryan_Shull @realDonaldTrump Never prosecuted Black Panthers, fast & furious, called te…
Black Panthers | The Stem Cellar
RT @HaloChiefPO117: @Harlan Perhaps @eburetto was thinking about these black panthers democrats?
RT @Autodidact60: YES The Black Panthers were Socialists So why are you Dem or GOP?
Except in 2012 in Pennsylvania with the Black Panthers.... 😱
RT @LeoCurmudgeon60: @3lectric5heep @100PercFEDUP Aww, the new and up and coming Black Panthers.