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RT @DaaruBaazMehta: Total MLAs (apart from BJP, Cong, Left) Traditional parties BSP : 28 SP : 48 JDU : 73 SS : 63 RJD : 80 AAP : 4 yr old party AAP : 86
RT @WoCharLog: So you too agree that BJP cares for Minority and is working towards their uplifting. Always thought you're BJP fan…
RT @Ashish_1905: ★By removing 3 of its own min it shows how serious he is unlike BJP ★None of the charges wr proven n court(got bail…
@ranta_BJP おはようございます(´つω・。)
RT @BeVoterNotFan: भाइयो और बहनो पेश है BJP MCD ka 1. Website Scam 2Pension Scam 3 Ghost Employee 4.Street Light etc एक विडियो में
RT @BSYBJP: Friends,Please call your voter friends in Gundlupet,Nanjangudu & ask them to vote for BJP to defeat Congress & its misgovernance.
RT @sahir82: किस पार्टी का शासन है गोवा में ? #BJPLegalisedCorruption #RSSTerroristsConvicted #BJP
RT @Ashish_1905: आरोप Vs सच्चाई👇 AAP से ज्यादा corruption किसी पार्टी ने नहीं करी: @AmitShah (आरोप) BJP शासित MCD भ्रष्टाचार का अड्…
RT @HaroonRsh: A #BJP minister proposes to castrate (desex) the bulls for seducing cow-mata. Holy shit.
RT @ANI_news: Report absolutely incorrect.If Jet Airways says I didn't go by bus alone (to board flight),then why spread lies:Huk…
RT @OfficeOfRG: Fighting corruption or legalizing corruption what is the BJP's agenda?
RT @Ab4Saffron: @CMOfficeUP Sir,the article of @IndianExpress 's showing negative image of Mr CM @myogiadityanath .Pls look into it👇
BJP trying to destabilise our govt in Delhi: AAP - Times of India
RT @Samar_Anarya: AAP MLA Ved Prakash resigns from party, joins BJP. Delhi Police expected to drop all cases against him, declare him a model citizen!
RT @DaaruBaazMehta: Yes thats CM Yogi Adityanath Yes thats a Red Beacon On Yes, He said "No to VIP culture" Opps, Yes hes from BJP,…
AAP MLA joins BJP ahead of MCD elections; setback for Kejriwal?
RT @_Namrataa: There are RW gyaanis who think BJP should support SS goon against AI coz he is SC! Yeah, really good optics to be seen supporting a goon 😂😂😂
RT @asadowaisi: In Goa & Manipur is meat slaughtered in legal way?if not will BJP government close it.Does BJP realise that in UP 10 Lakh will unemployed
RT @BJPLucknowBJP: There are many Sheeps like this Thakur. BJP needs to cross check many in Western UP else later can be embarrassment…
RT @SitaramYechury: Instead of greater transparency in election funding, BJP govt has surreptitiously pushed in secret corporate fundin…
RT @asadowaisi: Maharashtra Beef Ban bill was left pending with Manmohan govt 10 years Congi could have returned the Bill but didn't BJP formed govt BeefBan
@SuPriyoBabul sir, may I get an opportunity to work with you in setting up BJP hold in bengal?
@HRajaBJP BJP pushed farming to corner. People are coming out-both farmers & farm labourers. When Modi going to impl Swaminathan report?
RT @dibang: अब ये क्या? #BajrangDal activists raid meat packaging unit in #Meerut, beat up #BJPworker