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Still hugely sad it’s been 5 months since my birthday when @JonahMarais said he would follow me and it didn’t happen.
Mira a Taylor Swift, Chris Pratt y More Stars desearle a Happy Birthday un feliz cumpleaños
when i was 15 i told taylor for my 18th birthday i wanted big mylar ballons (a 1 and an 8) and she never forgot abo…
Maybe you guys just need the information to have closure on it. The universal constant is in negotiating behavior…
The only reason I’m excited for my birthday at all is so I can sing “22” by Taylor Swift with more meaning behind it
@AlanaRaap Except your birthday when all your friends left you to drive home wasted and I took care of you, for the…
Happy birthday Sarah Taylor ! 🎂 🎈🎉💐 She turns 30 today. Legend Adam Gilchrist said She is the best wicketkeeper i…
@taylor_blew happy birthday to my soulmate. so glad jamesons brought us together. i love you!!!!!!!!
RT @juliusayo_: Mum: I’ll keep your birthday money safe for you 10 year old me:
Happy Birthday To The Goat!💙 @DJ_Chisolm
RT @_claireee_5: Happy birthday George Strait! 67 isn’t too old for me just sayin’.
@mirandaareese Happy 14th birthday!!
@tayhalllow happy birthday Taylor! I hope you had a great day!
Happy Birthday, CHAMP! 💥🏆🎂 | Repost from @WCKMuayThai: HAPPY BIRTHDAY To The New WBC MUAYTHAI Champion…
Happy Birthday Chris! Love you dad♥️