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RT @brainzilch: 今日は長崎でLIVEです。 @長崎 Studio Do! OPEN 17:00 START 17:30 DOOR¥2,000 +1d order ■Cast■ BLIND BIRD (東京) ONE NEWTON ALL TYP…
RT @HorrorNights: Nothing says Christmas like Frankenstein, a goat and the bird from the TV show Baretta!
get in the pokeball u dumb fuckin bird
@RollingStones pitch meeting: What's sexy? Kristen Stewart looking like she bathed weeks ago & flapping like a bird... also there's a car
RT @LeanandCuisine: "Cooler than a mf penguin lip" - Tyga ...lip... I mean I ain't a bird expert but damn moe...
Ya mans a bird. And I'm nothing like him.
뭔가 하고십ㅇ은대 할게업서..
RT @DreamClosetCo: 🎄Christmas Early Bird Sale! 🎄 • 30% OFF with code "SAVE30" • FREE shipping on orders over $35! • Sale ends TONIGHT!
"God ;ives ev;ry bird its food, but He does not throw it into the nest." J.G. Holland
Trending.. Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts 25 Kg £48.00 #pigeonsupplies
RT @dvmnbre: Crazy how commitment is a 'trend' and not a lifestyle 😭
@roan_bird おはよう、時間は大丈夫か?
RT @Frontela_: Twitter finding out Brock Turner is on trial for rape vs finding out Kodak is on trial for rape
@roan_bird おはよう、ロアン殿。今日も充実した一日になるとよいな。
RT @memetribute: RT if this bird has more money than you
@twistopherrobin I post my best bird photos on instagram @eckholm
@PolygonBird well your not in the pic you silly bird! *pokes and prods* X)
@Concerto_de 트친소에 마음남겨주셔서 팔로드리고갑니다! 잘부탁드려요😄
RT @NathanGawd: J Cole just took some shots at Kanye 👀
Oh Captain, my captain! @SkidmoreHockey Anthony Bird ties @HobartHockey at 19:59 in 3rd 1-1 now OT #uglysweater is now #luckysweater