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Watching the TrashCake LP for Bioshock Infinite was cool because there was a lot of great commentary on the socio-political stuff, but
@ChrisWarcraft I recall it being used in Bioshock Infinite, which... yeah, that underscores the issue here, I guess.
@RedMakuzawa Paid off by SE! You know what other games got really good previews? MGSV! And Bioshock Infinite! And UC4! And TLOU! /s
Me gustó un video de @YouTube de @richar1979BC Bioshock Infinite | Let's Play en Español | Final - Capitulo
-cabe mencionar que no le importaría volarse la cabeza con su user tras ver el final de BioShock infinite-
Vladimir plays Bioshock infinite: via @YouTube
RT @gameinformer: Watch our new video to learn how a former BioShock Infinite designer is reinventing South Park's combat system.…
So... I just finished Infinite and Buried at Sea Episode 1/2...
@ryanseymour1983 I'm still playing bioshock infinite. On my second playthrough now. I may fill the gap to the pro by finishing The Witcher 3
FINKTON PROPER | BioShock: Infinite Remastered (The Collection) | Part 6 | Gameplay Walkthrough | …
@taidertot Bioshock tive o 1 mas não dava som nem sei,mas joguei o Infinite,good shit mesmo
Apetece me jogar Bioshock Infinite mas so de pensar que tenho de fazer download de quase 30 gbs tira me a vontade toda :/
RT @CosplayBaby: bioshock infinite booker and elizabeth romanceSource:... #CosPlay #Yay -
RT @mircosciamart: Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea. Commission made for Darkcry. Hope you like it!
RT @rtgamechar: elizabeth comstock ❀ bioshock infinite
RT @gamasutra: Don't Miss: How Irrational gave life to Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth
RT @yeesookyan: #inktober day 4: Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite My sweet sweet precious baby 😭
RT @SliceSolo_: Watch 1n0_Sliceoflife LIVE on #Shou: GELLIN LIKE A FELON playing bioshock infinite