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買いたいものその2。2は後回しにしてるけど... From @steam_games: Steam:BioShock 2: Minerva’s Den
買いたいものその1。逆に何故本体だけを買ってしまったのか。 From @steam_games: Steam で 50% オフ:BioShock Infinite - Season Pass
@LifeOnMxrs Oh you really do :o
Daddy's Home - DOOMCHIBI99 plays BIOSHOCK 2: via @YouTube
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist AND THEN THERE WERE TWO... LITTLE SISTERS | Bioshock Remastered (Part
☑Witcher3を買う ☑FalloutNVを買う ☑ABZUを買う ☑Bioshock:The Collectionを買う
I could blame the Germans, but in truth, I did not find tormentors in the prison camps, but kindred spirits.
そういえばちょっと前には"City of Brass"なんてのがあったね。次のBioshockやDishonoredも取り入れてほしいな。
The Baudelaire parents remind me of the Lutece twins #bioshock
Friday night Stream! >>>>> *** 100 FOLLOWERS HYPE |||NZ||| [BLIND] Bioshock ||| PS4*** Starting in 30 mins!
I liked a @YouTube video Examining the DLC of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea and Clash in the Clouds [MAJOR
Bit of a late night stream... But lets play some Bioshock 2! Under da Sea! :3c As usual,…
- bioshock 2 is a masterpiece and i genuinely feel like people disliked it because it centered on the women of rapture more
Mañana jugamos Bioshock remastered con ayuda del chat a las 8pm MEX uwu tiren su follow en mi canal <3…
That one's too tough for you. Look on the conveyor belt - you'll find something to keep you alive.
RT @ConnectiCon: Troy Baker, one of the most prolific actors in video games. Know for his performances as Joel in "Game of the Year"…
If Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth Were the Hero
I'd turn tail if I were you, kid. Ain't nothin' here for you but tears.
Ooo System Shock 2 is on sale. I'm going to assume this hasn't aged well, but, dang it was cool and creepy and real…
RT @hougou___: 스팀 세일하는김에 게임 하나 추천하고갑니다 BioShock infinite 라는 게임인데 제가 유일하게 스팀에서 사고 재미있게한 FPS게임이예요! 시리즈 다 재밌는데 특히 이 편은 맵이 정말정말 예뻐서...…