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RT @SeasonO1: @MattAlunJordan @johnslimy @JordanUhl @mikd33 dear @amazon - something to feature in your next promoted tweets.
@MattAlunJordan @johnslimy @JordanUhl @mikd33 dear @amazon - something to feature in your next promoted tweets.
@SecureAmerica Why are you Koch-backed groups flooding my timeline with ridiculous promoted tweets? Sessions is a racist.
Is anyone els fed up with the annoying promoted tweets. Their practically every other tweet.
Egentlig ret pudsigt, at promoted tweets er så udskældt, når vi nu uuuudemærket godt ved, vi ikke kan leve uden fuglen :)
There is a 53% increase in intent to purchase from Twitter userd who see promoted Tweets. (Source: Twitter)
Thinking only way to avoid current deluge of piss on my TL might be Promoted Tweets... "Amazingly fast way to see if you had PPI!" #Trumpy
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@susan_pola I block senders of promoted tweets and switch off RTs if people send loads in one go, & not interesting. They clog up timeline.
When your company pays Twitter for promoted tweets. Ooops 🕵🏼‍♀️
12 promoted tweets in a row. No, Twitter. Bad! No!
I love you you step into Twitterworld & never know what you'll find. Today it's serial RTs of the weirdest nature & promoted tweets. #BLOCK
There is a 53% increase in intent to pur,hase from Tvitter users who see promoted Tweets. (Sohrce: Twitter) y
@JoshSchoen it really makes the promoted tweets stand out though! hey wait a minute! 🤔 @jack is a genius.
@JoshSchoen if noone cares, why is my twitter stream full of it? all i see is promoted tweets and trump complaining about fake news.
@MrClungetrumpet I use Tweetdeck now. No promoted tweets.
I wish that were true - sadly the PPI promoted tweets keep coming
RT @taulbeeelizabe1: The volume of these promoted tweets (about 1 out of every 4) is starting to dick with my Christmas spirit😒👎🏻
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I get promoted tweets with cats on computers.
@anitaei Andersom geloof ik. Ben benieuwd wat je dit oplevert aan promoted tweets 😂
@kindofstrange I don't see polls in tweetbot BUT, I also don't see ads or promoted tweets, sooooo...
Our 3 month premium service gives you 558 promoted tweets over 3 months for £35.
@tetsuokobayashi @adage go report sex promoted tweets. I'm 💤