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No way. @realDonaldTrump Please continue to waste your money on Promoted Tweets.
@TauYaDitshego @twitter and by everyone I mean promoted tweets.
Promoted tweets must fall πŸ˜‘
One of my favorite Promoted Tweets. No idea what is has to do with @lasvegasnannies. But fuck cars.
All these ads and promoted tweets are starting to feel like spam now @twitter
@nytimes I almost blocked your idiotic promoted tweets, but why? Feel free to drain your remaining assets on people that know you're a joke
RT @RachCarrell: My promoted tweets look a little different when tweeting from the #ygl16 summit in Japan
@realDonaldTrump I love getting these promoted tweets cuz I get to respond and waste Trump Campaign money! Thx!!
huh, weird; i NEVER get 'promoted tweets' from @HillaryClinton, but i see crap like this and Trump ads ALL THE TIME
What the fuck, Twitter. I don't want see his promoted tweets in my timeline.
@twitter I don't appreciate getting promoted tweets from that republican candidate for president. How do I stop this?? I do not want
@Text_N_Tweet Haha. Always a good thing to clear up. Next thing u know promoted tweets from Betty Ford Center start popping up on ur TL lol
I was ready to stop talking about the debate until a promoted tweet from that guy popped up. Can you block promoted tweets? Ugh
@bpolitics I Blocked @realDonaldTrump hoping I would stop getting Support/Promoted tweets and I still get this garbage. Fuck Off will ya thx
Why is this dumpster fire on my timeline? Gross promoted tweets.
see the promoted tweets saying Hilary won. shows how skewed media is towards her
I'm getting so many trump promoted tweets and it's so. eurgh
Ok Ewan, we get it. You directed a movie. Enough with the promoted tweets.
loving these @MissSloaneMovie promoted tweets not only for their great message but also because @MeghannFeghann IS…
3 things we would've had to explain to our grandparents: 1- what a hashtag is 2- why the debate causes headaches 3-…
No chance. @realDonaldTrump But feel free to keep spending on Promoted Tweets.
Twitter in Aus at the moment is basically 3% tweets and 97% promoted tweets for horse betting companies
Oh yay. Trump promoted tweets in my TL… 😡
I'm getting promoted tweets about "dick gently" πŸ™„
Trump says he's funding his campaign on his own 😏He definitely is paying for promoted tweets to beg for money