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i feel like i've spent money today as if i received my tax return, and totally ignoring all the bills i have coming. 🙂
@Naradauvacha @Swamy39 bitter bills are not easy to swallow for everyone.
RT @fightfor15: Anti-democratic: Republican lawmakers in five states propose bills to criminalize peaceful protest…
RT @MDBlanchfield: Republican Lawmakers in Five States Propose Bills to Criminalize Peaceful #Protest
Paid all my bills today, now tomorrow I'll be handling a few things. I'll try not to shop along the way😂😂
Can we pay your bills? YES WE CAN!!! Submit yours online now!!!!
Legislators propose bills addressing tuition increases Thursday’s meeting of the Texas Legislature saw two higher …
RT @EyalPress: Serving "the people" gets off to roaring start - Trump signs exec order that will hike mortgage bills for nonwealthy
Displeasing persuasion chamber of commerce seacliff proceedings: makes yours burden unvarying: eUVLCXk
RT @cotrip_twi: 【土日もオープン♪ 銀座のランチがおいしいお店6選】 お得なビュッフェから「bills」の銀座限定パスタまで。おいしいランチが味わえる銀座のおすすめ店をまとめてご紹介。 くわしくは⇒
RT @PiyushGoyalOffc: Annual savings in consumer bills reach ₹ 10,418 Cr. as a result of GoI's #UJALA initiative.
RT @TwistedRealism: I find it so funny when people say you "have to" respect Trump 😂😂😂 I ain't gotta do shieeetttttt! Trump don't pay my bills he aint my father
When his parents tried to sell their timeshare, they realized it was worthless. And the bills kept coming.…
Tired of paying bills already 🙄🙄
RT @bossxmary: if your not feeding me, paying my bills or clothing me, don't tell me wtf to do with my money.
RT @TIME: Donald Trump just raised many first-time homeowners' mortgage bills
Yes!! You eventually make yourself think that you really don't have any money after paying your bills. When you're…
Bills are 0-0 and the Sabres are 1-0 under trump...this shit might work
RT @RachaelEMyers: In the hopper: best of many bills aiming to help solve #homelessness. Grateful to have @nicolemacri in #waleg.…
@Onision except claimed to have helped so many people on the internet, have children, a wife, bills to pay. so easy
RT @TIME: Donald Trump just raised many first-time homeowners' mortgage bills
@ILoveCats1264 yup. Kasi unfair talaga to rely on children for bills. They should be building their own dreams na.
RT @TeenVogue: “This trend of anti-protest legislation dressed up as ‘obstruction’ bills is deeply troubling”
@_LuckyAlexander I know I ain't really want u paying that shit anyway I was tryna pay them bills 😂