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@machinegunkelly if I could see you 50 times a year like some people I totally would but this girls got some bills to pay 👎🏻
I'll have my weekly #Bills Quick Hits episode later this afternoon, which will include my WS prediction. Little double duty. Stay tuned!
KADUNA ASSEMBLY: LAWMAKERS PASS 20 BILLS SINCE 2015 Kaduna State House of Assembly has passed into law, a total...
Patriots rolling as they prepare for Round 2 against Bills
Freshman assisted enterprising: straight a luxury congested angel workhouse: eio
RT @JennaPrice: He earns $360,000 a year yet we pay for his babysitting. Is that double dipping? Great story by @adamgartrell
@ReformedBroker @business Ummm. You guys realize that tax bills have to originate in the House, right?
Thinking about bills
RT @schadjoe: The tape don’t lie: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins, a review
@CBSSports Please HELP: Please give 2 point credit to the Bills for blocking the Dolphins punt on your fantasy site. Thanks
RT @woahaydrian: when you thought you could handle a 9-5 job, bills, school, 8 hours of sleep, a relationship and stay sane but life…
RT @th_gem: Note to the Ladies Please find a man with a vision A man of inevitable value Cos in the future Swag won't pay bills.
@idiosyncraticjs When she moves out of mommy and daddy's house and has to pay her own bills she may finally "get it".
RT @MelanieNews8: #Electricity to be shut off #Lynnhill condos #TempleHills affecting 500. Mgmt failed to pay bills. @NewsChannel8 .
RT @Ginny_Vee: AUDREY - horribly abused / neglected HORSE Ravenna OH, help w/ medical bills @HappyTrailsFAS DONATE Tax Deductible…
Surprise medical bills can hurt more than surgery — here's how to avoid them
RT @Ieanen: i wish being sassy and sarcastic paid the bills
#Electricity to be shut off #Lynnhill condos #TempleHills affecting 500. Mgmt failed to pay bills. @NewsChannel8 .
RT @thedozamind: I think for some it's no so much not wanting to work on your passion, it's the bills kids and constant fear of how your going to provide..
Has other people's opinions ever paid your bills??
RT @marcorubio: #FBF Patrick Murphy can't remember any of the bills he's passed.No wonder he was pegged as one of the LEAST effecti…
@FearDept I knew that my phone bills were expensive, guess they were just raising $ for the big purchase.
RT @cashhshonn: Mind your business. Pay your bills. Take care of your children if you have some. Go to class if you're in school. W/e you do, LEAVE ME ALONE
RT @RapSheet: #Bills DB Aaron Williams, who had an MRI Sunday after that nasty hit from Jarvis Landry, attended meetings today & is doing well, I’m told.
RT @Ieanen: i wish being sassy and sarcastic paid the bills