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RT @BrittSimonee: Paying bills hurts my soul.
32 #BlueLivesMatter bills have been introduced across 14 states this year ➡️ by @juliacraven via @HuffPostPol
@ARushforth @splitthebills it's ridiculous isn't it! Charge an absolute fortune and don't even pay our bills! What a joke!! 😩
RT @cestmal_: VIRGINIANS: Please call Gov. McAuliffe (@GovernorVA 804-786-2211) and tell him to *VETO* anti-sanctuary bills HB146…
RT @buffalobills: Good news on Sammy. No Tag on Gilmore. What we learned from McDermott's #NFLCombine press conference:…
RT @KarismasKloset: Bills gotta get paid 🙆🏽😫😫😫 it's that time of the month again 🤷🏽‍♀️
RT @TeenVogue: Donald Trump signed two new executive orders yesterday, as well as three bills that were passed by Congress
RT @KarismasKloset: Bills gotta get paid 🙆🏽😫😫😫 it's that time of the month again 🤷🏽‍♀️
RT @GAHouseDems: Georgians deserve fair compensation for their work. That’s why we support two bills to #RaisetheWage. #FightingForFamilies
The benefits upon mystery rags: SzGAWkB
Senate approves bills that would call a convention of states to amend the Constitution via @dallasnews Crazy read!!
RT @Slaughteryamomm: I hate paying bills bra.
Kingman Regional accidentally sends incorrect bills to thousands of former patients
Herself industrial services donate now thine gadget: JiObu
No matter how many times i do it, i still get mad as hell when i pay bills.
Donald Trump signs bills promoting women in STEM, rescinding Obama gun rule via @UPI
In hell meals are served out of vending machines. The only money you are given is wadded up $1 bills. Good luck.
RT @TheDailyEdge: It's hard to believe any of Trump's promises when you realize he doesn't even deliver when you have signed contract
.@petermshane: 3 bills awaiting approval would help realize Bannon’s “deconstruction of the administrative state.”
Ontario’s Wynne to announce plan to cut electricity bills by 25 per cent: report
Always a good feeling when your bills are paid and rent paid 😌💪🏾
RT @UnKochCampus: Koch network bills that would ban students from protesting on campus are sweeping the nation! #unkoch #freespeech
RT @CHAMPKANEX: Me: is the job really worth it??? My bills:
RT @_LuvMyAmBRITion: Bills due already.. fuck lol