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Soria chokes harder than Bill Buckner
@Super70sSports This is actually a photo of Bill Buckner who lost those teeth after booting a grounder in New York.
@C_Schucker5 but really how could you have faith in a team when your kicker is less clutch than Bill Buckner
@mikepicone55 That was him punching a jug full of Bill Buckner's tears
@EastsFan Bill FUCKING Buckner!!
@cheftelle @MLB @RedSox The Sox haven't had a player with anything between his legs since Bill Buckner. πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
@Norsu2 Trump is tanking, not choking. He's Eddie Cicotte, not Bill Buckner.
@libraryyeti we all know who the real legendary goat is - Bill Buckner πŸ’πŸΌ
#Autograph #Stars - BILL BUCKNER Signed Autograph 1973 Topps #368 Dodgers KOA: $12.99End Date: ... #Deals_US
Just watched ESPN films "Catching Hell" about Steve Bartman and Bill Buckner. Sad to see how those two moments changed their lives forever.
@jtkantor I do know about that because of the word "boner" being a key component. And I know who Bill Buckner is! Now give me treats!
Best Vin Scully call has to be the 86 World Series and Bill Buckner's error on Mookie Wilson's slow roller down first #VinonCSn
Bill Buckner should be in the HOF
My 2 favorite vin moments are gm6 1986 world series, bill Buckner & GM 1 1988 world series Kirk Gibson homer! Wow! #vinoncsn
@edrooney_ the ol' Bill Buckner "welcome back party". @Pirate0216 @akaOV_
If I'm Bill Buckner, I think the only solace in seeing my gaffe a billion times on replay, is the fact that Vin's voice accompanies it.
My worst #VinScully moment is when the Red Sox lost the 1986 World Series on @nbc, which Vin was calling on account of Bill Buckner!
The Bill Buckner episode of Curb is *****
RT @Super70sSports: Bill Buckner's mustache was so legendary he kept two spares on his forehead and a third on his neck.
@Vman725 yup with a side story of Bill Buckner, was so good
To this day, I will never understand how Bill Buckner missed that ball behind Game #6. It almost defies the Laws of Physics. #CatchingHell
Still don't know how the ball got passed Bill Buckner in 1986.
@dougwelchocc I could have also gone with Bill Buckner.