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RT @CANEurope: Damaging the #climate is extremely cheap in the #EU – MEPs, time to make polluters pay & fix the #EUETS…
"Know Where You’re Going?" by Bill Lewis (@wplent5) #TLYAW
RT @AnneMcLaughlin: U R an absolute disgrace @SamGyimah For a backbencher 2 filibuster a bill out is a disgrace but 4 a Minister to do it is shocking. #turinlaw
omfg all this time naka-on yung data ko gg sa bill bezzy
RT @FoxNews: CAUGHT IN A WEB? Bill Clinton aide blasted ex-president for conflicts of interest, 'expensive gifts', emails show…
Bill Bennett: Hillary Didn't Answer Questions About Project Veritas Videos! via @WayneDupreeShow
RT @KellyMParry: And there you have it, Tory filibuster just talked out Bill to pardon men criminalised for their sexuality. Beyond comprehension #Turingbill
Top Bill Clinton aide criticized ex-president for conflicts of interest, emails show |
Bill Shankly when asked if "Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am…
@TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump she declined bill's proposal twice...her instincts can't be that bad
RT @araform: tanımadığın birinden block yemek = muazzam olay. 0 atp ile muhatap olacağın insan sayısı -1 düşüyor. bill gates böyle kârlı iş görmemiştir.
RT @UKIPNFKN: Scotland calls for a consultation on a 2nd Referendum Bill via @New_Europe #Brexit
@DonaldsAngel @RebellionReport Yeah I'm wondering if Bill is still among the living
RT @WDFx2EU7: WIKILEAKS: Bill Clinton Requested ‘Young Latina’ on Campaign Trail via @heatstreet
@billclinton Bill I pray that President Don Trump would put your wife in Prison for 20 years for her (E-Mails) Say…
RT @sacca: A perfect night to re-read this letter from President George H. W. Bush to President Bill Clinton.
RT @barstoolsports: The letter Bush Sr left in the White House for Bill Clinton after losing the election is going viral…
According to Bill Weston, Nick knows everything about everything & doesn't need to look anything up on the internet.
RT @ProPublica: After a report by @AnnieWaldman,NJ passes bill requiring student loan agency to offer forgiveness when borrowers die
Bill Belichick's full history lesson on the Pittsburgh Steelers.
RT @AttitudeMag: Tory minister @SamGyimah branded a 'disgrace' as he obstructs new gay pardon bill in Parliament:…
@Bill_Michaels You asked what we want: a team that can win the SuperBowl. If the SB isn't the goal, then why play?