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Boi i could eat a cow right now
@Mac_Gotti48 Already, season ain't over tho we got playoffs that was just a tournament
Big Brother 2018: Akeem Griffiths wins the 'Power Of Knowledge' in new twist
happy birthday bigbro!! have a blessed one!! ☝🏼 @vinceemontilla_
*sighs* god really does take the best. I miss you sm paul! #FirstBlood #BigBRO
I’m SO blessed I was able to be a part of my big brother’s wedding! #bigbro
RT @sankaku_sindoi: 我らがBigBro!!!いちろー誕生日おめでとう!!! #山田一郎生誕祭2018 #山田一郎誕生祭2018
@IAmDunDeal @TheFatboi and @AMRHANKYBEAT dropping some knowledge at houseofhitsatl 📸 yellowvizion #theremedy
RT @RealityRobbed: This is my favorite Elena Davies tweet to date. RT when you figure out why.
@fan_bigbro Thank you! I’ll still be here on Twitter 😇
@oproprioTEKNIK bigbro kme... nao consigo baixar tua tape "trap house" quero muito ouvir a musica mascaras peço ajuda...
RT @d1kevv: @kfromthesip @CoachWEFritz @CoachJackCurtis @JJMcCleskey @d_ruse Wow congrats bro only big thinks ahead of u man...…
RT @d1kevv: @kfromthesip @CoachWEFritz @CoachJackCurtis @JJMcCleskey @d_ruse Wow congrats bro only big thinks ahead of u man...…
😂😂 That game was amazing!! Thought MSU was going to stomp us?? How'd that work out?? 😂😂 They couldn't even complete…
예전에 어떤 언니가 말을 해줬는데.. 자해하는 친구랑 연애를 못할것같다고.. 자기랑 헤어져서 자해를 하는게 데이트폭력으로 느껴져서 너무 싫다고.. 그때는 그 언니한테 내쳐질게 무서워서 그 말에 반대하지 않았…
RT @JKanyomozi: Perfect way to wrap up the evening with my beloved family Eddie & Laura. Dinner. #BigBro #LittleSis
@thejoshuagrant Congrats to this next chapter in ur life, but we’ll really miss u around here😔 Wishing u all the best