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RT @HRC: Referring to #LGBTQ people, Donald Trump joked Mike Pence wants to "hang them all." That's not funny, that's evil.…
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RT @aip_news: Turyali Abdyani Police chief of Paktya province killed in today attack on headquarter.
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RT @MikeOLoughlin: Cardinal @JoeTobin makes an appearance in new @NewYorker profile of @VP Mike Pence
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RT @EdKrassen: How can anyone support a man who holds these beliefs? Even if you are a devout Christian, this is just wrong!
RT @IraqLiveUpdate: Kirkuk Police Commander urges all citizens to return to their homes and confirms law and order restored fully in…
RT @IraqLiveUpdate: Iraqi forces secure, Makhmoor, Bashiqa in Ninewa and Khanaqin in Diyala as Peshmerga separatists outlaws flee #Iraq
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RT @TheBaghdadPostE: Dozens of ISIS terrorists killed after US strikes Yemen camps
RT @epigmenioibarra: Con una bomba en su auto asesinan a periodista de los Panama papers Daphne Caruana Galizia. En su honor hacemos Pas…
RT @CapsicumSatira: L'ultima volta che #Renzi ha vinto qualcosa, lo ha premiato Mike Bongiorno. (@FrancoCappellet )
RT @kandbnews: Peter Adkins of solicitor Emms, Gilmore, Liberson - non-compliance & counterfeit driven by meeting low price point…
RT @LOrientLeJour: Frappe de drone américaine au #Pakistan: 26 morts
RT @Swampmonster9: All fans who rate Mike Ashley simply fuck off !!!! ,you have no idea what your talking about ,the end
RT @EtatMajorFR: Immersion dans l’armée de l’air. Rencontre avec les aviateurs engagés sur tous les fronts avec l’ardeur de servir.…
#東京ファッションウィーク #yukitorii のショーを観てきます⭐︎ Being special in a moment while this show for 2…
RT @IraqLiveUpdate: “Arrest Barzani and try him for Treason” Samarraei, Renowned Sunni Arab commentator, urges @IraqiGovt #Iraq
RT @IraqLiveUpdate: “To avoid future wars end Masoud Barzani’s dictatorship in Erbil” ex Milit Intel head, Wafiq Samarraei, said
RT @CJTFOIR: On Oct 16, Coalition forces conducted two strikes consisting of two engagements to #DefeatDaesh in #Iraq
RT @K24English: OPINION: Why the US should learn from history and support #KurdistanReferendum ?…