Big Ass

Big Ass - 18+ warning may contain ass but this is safe - Dj

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literally busted my head open at work yesterday AND got a big ass mark on my shoulder from dropping a box on it 🙄
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RT @wesIeysgibbns: innocent people died trying to stop a big ass building from collapsing and y'all don't even wanna tweet a hashtag #PrayForTehran
Obama look like when your drunk girl start a fight with a big ass nigga at the club and you ain't got your burner o…
@MeztliMara start to see double and try to take in a deep breath. Shit...I try to trace out but then I get kicked by a big ass boot across+
@ladyblovebytes I'm just used to having big ass hair and hair shrinks when you first loc it, so I feel weird
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truly loving turtle necks whilst having a big ass head...need I say more.
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