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This is another #Bible #prophecy that was fulfilled in amazing detail. #BibleStudy
Obama Islam Syria & Iraq Wars, The Name, Bible Prophecy Oct. 22, 2016 via @YouTube
"The Shemitah" #E-book What it is. What it means. Why it's important. #Bible #Jesus Get it now:
The Antichrist is coming soon, in the middle of the third world war he will only last 7years and then Jesus returns
Must Hear!! Trey Smith in the second hour to talk about important news through the lens of bible prophecy.
Is the #Framework Agreement with #Iran the "false peace treaty" in #Bible #prophecy? Checking it out here:
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Bible Code Student's Shocking Discovery: Rev 12 Prophecy, God's Roadmap
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People in Bible times knew prophecy starts faith and it was common knowledge but today we are so caught up in only knowing the end times.
Bible prophecy starts faith, everyone in Bible times knew that. Jonah knew it too and didn't want to deliver the prophecy to Nineveh.
What'DrMom' says is IN #Bible, #prophecy for 1960-2041 how we Xtians ruin our witness, start here…
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And Jesus said:""Look, I am coming soon! Blessed are those who obey the words of prophecy written in this book. ””
RT @BobMcLeodAuthor: There is much more to Bible prophecy than just the end times. Much more.
RT @TreySmith_Book: God in a Nutshell site back up <----- I think they call what hit us, "Halloween Hillary surprise". lol. God bless...
#Amazon #Canada A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy: 60 Predictions Everyone Should Know Stan Guthrie (... #Kindle
"And now I tell you before it comes to pass, that, when it is come to pass you might believe." John 14:29 The purpose for Bible prophecy.
I think it much more important when Bible prophecy produces faith, rather than when it produces a huge knowledge of how the world ends.
RT @BobMcLeodAuthor: There is much more to Bible prophecy than just the end times. Much more.
There is much more to Bible prophecy than just the end times. Much more.
Bible prophecy does not mean the end times exclusively. So why do we only think of the end times when someone says Bible prophecy?
RT @BobMcLeodAuthor: Bible prophecy has that unique ability to start and support faith in Jesus.