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You can always get a new bf, a new bff cause she not even worth it, and 3 new makeup pallettes, but you can't recov…
Catch @BravoTopChef tonight and catch my new Podcast-TC-BFF @ChefCaseyT dominate! I hear she got a cool new @CrseGrndPodcast shirt, too ;-)
happy 16th birthday to my bff since pre school till forever !!!! love u always girl !! thanks for being my go to gi…
thankful for a BFF that brings me food to work 😘 @jocelynbrown22
RT @LexLuger___: I'm so lit I wish I could date myself or be my own bff
a pessoa já vem falar com vc te chamando de miga, da 2 dias já tá se achando a íntima bff do twitter, quer saber de tudo q vc posta e pq
RT @madam_braguda: If until now you can't respect your BFF's official LT, then expect that people will remain skeptical about your friendship with MM.
it's funny when you say you wanna be bff yet you're never there🤔
RT @karlsdeee: Amariah and Amayah are bff goals honestly
he is my bf but he also my bff
RT @jocelynnn___: i'm glad i have a bff like kam to listen to my small irrelevant problems
@kaileyleg The Hannah Mutual -started as online bud -spend all ur money to go visit her -your ride or die BFF of 5 years -shes ur other half
@bts__imagine esse noite eu sonhei q eu fui no cinema com a minha bff e o yugyoem e o youngjae
RT @laurDIY: my bff and I graduating university 2 years ago 😂 nothing's changed
@Biellustri eu tenho 😒 a gente virou bff, quando a gente se ver, vocês conversam mais 😒
Jajajajaja amo zorrear a la gente con mi bff
RT @kenzierychcik: 😜🌸 you're my bff and I love youu😍 you give the best advice ever and always make me laugh until I cry thanks boo
idc, if my bff don't like you, i don't like you .
アパホテルに本の撤去打診 冬のアジア大会組織委 | NHKニュース 事勿れw
When ur bff sends u pics of your fav dog 😭😭😍