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our Carol! her and Betty White, American treasures! and now we can add Kristin Chenoweth. Rosie O'Donnell. Cher.
During the Depression, my dad made radios to sell to make extra money. Nobody had any money t #BettyWhite #aphorism
Betty White kept it trill point blank period
That's one small booty call for Betty White, one salty dime piece for eels
Betty White at the age of 87 offered to do a nude scene in the movie The Proposal.
happy bday u fgt!!!! hope u have a shit day and i love u !!!! xoxoxxo 🎁💞💕✌🏻️🖖🏻 @ruthhealyyy
RT @LionelDeloria: The writers are the stars of every really successful sitcom. #BettyWhite #quotes
The writers are the stars of every really successful sitcom. #BettyWhite #quotes
@geeequinn like it's a show where chris evans and betty white play beer pong this is not the show for this
Someone update me on Betty White please.
RT @rossR5: No... She doesn't know she's my celebrity crush. “@JustSayR5: @rossR5 did you and Betty white plan this
RT @UHR: crazy how betty white can do heroin for all these years with no consequences
That's one selfie stick tweet for Betty White, one gnarly buzzkill for my baby mama
Friday. 4pm. It's the magic hour. And Betty White has spoken✨
@frenchiehenry @cumrolad @ThatManMatt Not true. I'm like a ginger Betty White.
I love the sound of Betty White's voice in my head as I read this.
Betty white je masih hidup. Yg lain dah takde. 😢
Everything else looked full...upper lip just looked a little "Betty White-ish"
Martha Stewart is so hot I ain't even care just gimme Betty White, Martha Stewart and Meredith from The Office.👌💯🔥🔥🔥
That's one adorbz rari for Betty White, one giant buzzkill for clubs
That's one basic lick for Betty White, one gnarly tweet for a capella
RT @erictorrens30: Sometimes I remember that Betty White was born in 1922...
Bet $20 that Betty white dies this year