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RT @kelseymt32: sometimes people drop/stop caring for you as soon as they find someone better or stop needing you and its sad but probably for the best
@KiniroTonada Hope you feel better soon, man :<
@homeboykian feel better soon looove
@Cereology101 @juliannabrooke4 we will all hang out very soon. I hope sweet baby gets to feeling better though! 😘
I've got a great seat for The Better Workplace Conference - starting soon #BWC2016
RT @aliaa08: Good conversations and even better company. #DearZindagiTake2 out soon!
@jhnnysuh :( sending you hugs, hope you feel better soon
@ShoutOut2Sub [ Kanda!mun, Allen!mun, Neah!mun, Edgar!mun? It's better y'd summon me later/soon on DM? ]
RT @J_BHAFC: Feel better soon club shop x
RT @TheAquariusView: Hope you feel better soon Dawn .. DawnLGallagher .. -j
Panic Disorder O.O omg get better soon yongguk
I really hope that you'll be better soon, Yongguk. Take care always
@Karenknowsbest Dang, I hope she's better soon.
RT @acidjoke_: One of my favorite leader and artist, I hope he'll get better soon
RT @uIts94: we all hope you get better very soon and love you lots! remember to still smile lots 💗 #GetWellSoonYongguk
RT @J_BHAFC: Feel better soon club shop x
Camp Flog Gnaw needs to come soon I have a feeling this one is going to be better than the past 3 that I've attended
RT @jl2285: @TheRealMarilu Hope you have a great week of rehearsals & that your foot is better very soon! Can’t wait to see your AT! #TeamHennergy #DWTS
RT @palomaxcordova: hello twitter here's my new hair u can see the blue tint at the top better pics soon <3
@BlueDreamJones thank you, I love you & I better see you soon! ✨✨
Missing my right-hand gal at work. Everyone send @michellemaygill your best wishes to get better soon! x