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@Pc_Winter *pats arm gently...there there....😂😷🤒feel better soon
@monet_rae aw man 😞 I hope get better soon...what happened? (If u care to share)
@VERNONBUBBLE i fucking love your cat, i hope he gets better soon!! 💞
@Ivyygrey hope you get better soon my absolutely gorgeous Mistress of pleasure ...
If you're feeling sick, i'm really sorry! go relax until you're better. please, feel better soon.
@NicholasDickens ouch 😕Hope you start getting better soon.
@eliannnnad ohhhhh that's right! I hope a better job opportunity comes your way soon!! A&f isn't too fun nor does it pay well :(
RT @SteveSGoddard: NASA will soon see better days when @realDonaldTrump ends their climate junk science, and returns to having them fo…
RT @filmystic: We may soon understand why Obama didn't intercede. If he knows the evidence that will bring Trump and the GOP to ru…
@ifyouseebeth that sucks! Hopefully you feel better soon. Here if ya need to vent/talk :)
@Mossi28 your welcome hope your backs better soon x
RT @LizzyWurst: That I have strep throat, so I'm on antibiotics for 10 days and hopefully I will feel better soon ❤
RT @NoahBensi: 🐰👑 Up and feeling better ~ see you online soon 👑🐰 @NakedDotComCams / @CamsterDotCom
It"s become a real bad state of affairs in Ontario and it won't get better anytime soon! Elections can't come...
@Ivy95Danielle I'll get you drunk soon if you'd like, it makes everything better ❤❤❤
@LauraraMonique Ahh, sweetie, I hope you make a full recovery soon. Don't you worry about others. Get yourself better first. xxxxx
@Jodie_Lynn21 Aw I hope you are able to have a cigarette soon so you'll feel better <3
@JoeMerrick aww hope ya feel better soon
RT @duedewdue9982: I always hope our Jaemin get better soon. I believe when he recovers from his hurt, we will be happy to see him more! Keep fighting<3
Stay strong @Bradleysfight 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Hope you feel better soon mate #FootballFamily
RT @flyingbooks_to: Soon @carlzoilus will teach others to write better than you. Sign up before it's too late: