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@louisearcher1 thanks, Louise ... hope you feel better soon too!
Get better soon @kslpetersamore. But, I am having fun filling in for you in @kslnewsradio News Room.
When you wake up to this❤️ and soon it will be even better💙
RT @Adoomygangstyle: @Naz_izi I know you're good looking Naz. But dammm, you look even better in person! Thank you so much! Come back so…
@Danteh lowering mine soon got better precision, using 1000 and .15 rn :o
@RedkatsGaming Netflix and chill ;) hope you'll get better soon :)
@sasscastic_nole gross. Feel better soon ma'am
@darcydonavan Bummer I hope you feel better soon!
RT @TierneyBelanger: Making a college decision was the best decision of my life, make one soon you'll feel better #lovemu #futuremountie
@Bex_HitGirl - Sorry to hear that. Get better soon.
yeri looks so cute i'm so happy she feels so much better and might come back soon but i also hope she takes all the time she needs off
@MartinSLewis @C4Countdown sorry to hear that you couldn't be, hope you feel better soon and have a happy Christmas from me and Tina
RT @CardsAgstHrsmt: If folks want to ban accessories linked to women's oppression, we'd better see some cross necklace and wedding ring ban proposals here soon.
@chicagobulls @NBA Not worried about the squad. Much better as soon as MCW and McD coming back!
@zsDUGGZ @Bigbst4tz2 I'm sick as well and I woke up at that same time as you mabye hope the 2 of us feel better soon
@JeffJustJeff Awwwww, what a sweetheart. Hope you are better soon too!
I've gotten worse but I'll be better soon...
@geoffjohns if you guys wanna keep up with Marvel for the next year you better release a pic of @armiehammer as Green Lantern very soon.
RT @TioneBoul: Better days are soon to come🙏🏽💯