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@APT_Hull @geoffcraft14 @hullfcofficial Bet you 50p he starts 1st game of the season
RT @BambiinaBTS: This is Oricon Mid year sales 2018 is in the top 5 among Japanese artist. LY: Answer = 210961 (up till Sept 2018 sa…
Well I'll be up with you — ok bet thanks anon <3
RT @SkoolOfDefense: What you got??? I bet you it ain’t this! #3252 #lafc
RT @WhiteBoyBubz: I bet this question won’t be on the Exam
@realjoeswash @nadiasawalha Shame on them!! Bet their parents are so proud 😡😡😡
RT @BiggBossChannel: #BiggBoss12 #biggboss #BB12 I CAN BET WITH ANYONE THAT #DipikaKakar WILL BE IN TOP 2 IF THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN I…
@KeneseJosiah I bet we can help! These companies are hiring right now. Check it out: ^JJ
RT @moonchild_sj: How much you wanna bet Airplane pt2 music video will include footage from this tour across the globe 😭😭 I think the…
RT @chefkeva_: Introducing the owner of BET:
We finally got WonKura moment. I bet nako is more frustrated than Sakura because of wonyoung's long legs 😅😅
RT @khaleysee: Edc with my friends next year. BIG BET!
RT @KanakKendall: Bet a lot of Texans made chili tonight
Sick bastard. Throw this nigga under the jail
RT @JamesGleick: Can we just remember that Jared Kushner is not actually a “prince”? He’s just the doofus tax-cheat son-in-law of ou…
RT @_xkendoll: Him: you bet not be out here entertaining these niggas Me:🤸🏽‍♀️
And you Kev. Bet yours is all the better having watched @TyeKaiCampbell the goal machine in action last night 😘
RT @danny_floresss: So basically if he says he’s sorry he’s sorry? Okay bet