Best love song?

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Eminem - Kim RT @djmillerJA: #RandomQuestion What's the best love song(s) ever??? #BestLoveSong
@Sir_Permington woah are you inviting me to your holy stu? The same stu messiah recorded the best love song in hbg history?
#SycamoreTree by @THEHUNNABAND Why have I not met the girl for this song yet?!? BEST LOVE SONG I've heard in awhile
aunque lo voy a pasar fatal en los días 15 y 16 porque cómo voy a elegir UNA "best song overall" y solo UNA "best love song"????????????????
Which is the best love song?
Wanna hear the best love song ever written? Here you go: "Long Long Time" by Sometimes We Sing Together via @YouTube
Best love song ? — Ed-thinking out loud, coz my love love it @sara_sahand1997 😻🙌
@BrianJohnson Best love song ever (Overdose ) any chance ac/dc will playing it again, ever ? Please say yes : )
What is the best love song of all time? Like for Bon Jovi's "Never Say Goodbye." Share for Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You."
Isley Brothers ~ Living For The Love Of You RT @whatnthehill: What's the best love song of all time ?
What's the best love song of all time ?
Best love song, ever? Of 2015 definitely.
Best LOVE song please? Any suggestion . #spsfuntasticbaby
Have you heard ‘T-pain feat DMD-BEST LOVE SONG’ by DMD MUSIC RECORDS on #soundcloud? #np
@Aspen_Henry didn't know the TPain Classic "Best Love Song" when it played @ the pregame Do we need to be admitted to a retirement home?👴🏼👵🏼
what's the best "Love Song"To Make Love 2 with Your Girl? R.T your answer...I will R.T the sexiest and give them a Shout Out