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RT @raj200732: @NiteshNRane best of luck Saheb....Har Har mhadev....jai Swabhimaan
RT @sunggyuleh: Infinite "turut turut turut turut" is the best thing ever happen in 2016 history 💯 tbh this is how inft entertain…
RT @yanntiersen: Three chances to win Yann Tiersen toy pianos: -Best performance -Best location -Best non-piano performance Enter at…
And Your best friend harbored hatred
@chloless_ @shailoser tbh the best part was The weeknd and Bella seeing eachother snwkdbsknsjd
RT @OyeQazilbash: Best way of paying tribute to Junaid Jamshed is by Forgiving eachother. Period
RT @onherperiod: everyone finding out about chandler and monica's secret relationship was the best storyline on friends
RT @SoDamnTrue: College is literally the best/worst time of your life. One minute you’re living it up with your friends, the next you have $3.00 and 4 exams
RT @soompi: #BTS Is The Only Korean Act To Make Fuse’s “20 Best Albums Of 2016” List
RT @MailSport: Willian: 'Snubbing Tottenham for Chelsea was the best moment of my life'
RT @FitCrunchBars: A box of chocolates? Probably not the best gift for your fitness-loving friends. Check these out!…
RT @Real_Fairies_: Our Very Own Harley is Nominated for #AvnAwards 🤘 @PerriPiper 🤘 Congratulations🎊 💐 Best New Starlet looking Cute In…
RT @misharius: katsuki yuuri - best development in tv history - softhearted, determined - felt defeated but came back fighting
Can't wait to see my boy do what he does best tonight 🏀🤗
Rural folks thought THIS fucking guy knows them best.
RT @nanny_nuna: ตอนประกาศผล best male group dance perf. เด็กๆก็ลุกขึ้นแสดงความยินดีกับบังทันด้วย น้องแบมนี่เต้นไม่หยุดเลย น่ารัก 😁💕…
man, go to buy @WWEShop merch for the first time in years and find out there's no @AlexaBliss_WWE stuff. lame. she's the best. her & the miz
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RT @WomenOfHistory: Don't stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.
Best part in here imo is the nuance about King and celebration. Sometimes it's not "look at me." It's just who you are.