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RT @oboymurphin: You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day.
What's the best bet for tomorrow's #EFLCup Manchester derby? #mufc #mcfc
RT @bestlwtspics: the best way to start the day
RT @Dublin_Rebels: NFL Wk7 Recap. Lynch: 49ers are "One of the best teams in the NFL" #NFL #Seahawks #49ers #NFC
Bright Kids Toy Guide: Choose the best toys to boost your child's development!
@LFC @EFLCup I Pray you become consistent in your winnings.all the are never alone in patience
just the idea of being so crazy in love w someone and they actually love u back. 🤔🙌🏽😩 i really can't wait. it's going to b the best.
RT @Lance210: Still the best Pee Prank Vine I Ever Did! 😂
Texture Tuesdays Showcasing the absolute best in beauty hair:Ashley Brown model:Myriam Martinez…
RT @JEONSOMI_INTL: [CAP] The girls just finished their stage at SBS The Show! Wish them all the best for the results later on🙏 #전소미…
#Egypt prime minister Sherif Ismail does his best to defend what a lot of people say is the indefensible.
tahap 3 lbh kpd aksesori. .best kot main dengan lace manik labuci ni tp byk pakai duit memang kena buat part time gk la lps ni
RT @RunningManTown: Rlly didnt see this coming but thank u Kang Gary for the past 6 yrs 💓 We respect ur decision and wish u the best fo…
RT @simran_insan: @insan_honey My Bestest Diiii G This Is Dedicated 2 U Plz Accept😊 U r The Best Di.. @Gurmeetramrahim G Bless u…
let him know that you know best....afterall you do know best
RT @einahpetsramos: "I like you" best joke you've ever said to me.
Tak best laaa Runningman lps ni tk de Gary 😭
"Foreign Minister Steinmeier Touted as Best Candidate for German Presidency" #mustread #feedly
@slicnick21 tru, but I want the best catch
RT @DogsRuleNC: Tucker loves people & attention, best w/large dogs, no cats @SGSRescue #VA #NC #MD #GSD
RT @ohteenquotes: The best feeling in the world is knowing you actually mean something to someone.
RT @shahidkapoorFC: Wow great !! ♥♥ RT @shahidkapoor Always a pleasure training with the best. samir_jaura
@blueberrytae he learned it from the best lmfao my child
RT @ongaku_jouhou: 10/24付 オリコンデイリーCDアルバムランキング 1位 宇多田ヒカル『Fantôme』 2位 RADWIMPS『君の名は。』 3位 PiiiiiiiN『容赦なく逃げてった未来』 4位 コブクロ『TIMELESS WORLD』 5位 藍井エイル『BEST -E-』