I didnt believe everyone when they said the Berserk Anime was tradh. It's worse than trash. CG Vomit and rancid story telling. Ugh.))
"Berserk: Golden Age of the Arc I-III" is hands down the best anime I've ever watched!!!!!! 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑
RT @berserk_anime: 【期間限定!】 本日より、27日(木)23:59までの間、規制解除版とオンエア版の比較映像を公開! ◆比較映像→ 規制解除版の第1話~第6話が収録されたBD-BOX第1巻は、10/28…
Really loving the new Berserk anime 💯
i feel like ro would like berserk but its so triggering i dont know if its safe for her to read. they didnt show the csa in the anime tho
@crimsonbehelits tbh that other anime I just never liked at all. It doesn't compare to Berserk, honestly.
RT @berserk_anime: 【期間限定!】 本日より、27日(木)23:59までの間、規制解除版とオンエア版の比較映像を公開! ◆比較映像→ 規制解除版の第1話~第6話が収録されたBD-BOX第1巻は、10/28…
@yuzirity e um belo dia, ví um manga, um tal de Berserk com um soldado que tinha um elmo meio ocidental, me lembro até hj era o volume 11
@yuzirity 3. outro fato sobre mim, dessa vez de mangas! que tal, meu primeiro Manga que lí foi o glorioso e maravilhoso BERSERK!
me @ myself: >u have so much to do >yeah.. >u know what would be a good idea? >what? >starting the Berserk manga right now. >GOD UR SO RIGHT
O STJD podia anular o anime do Berserk 2016
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@jasonthinks There aren't really any good horror anime but Berserk 1997 is pretty damn close. Pretty fucked up and really really good.
@torane_bot Hate is a place where a man who can't stand sadness goes. -Godo (Berserk) #manga #anime
RT @berserk_anime: 【期間限定!】 本日より、27日(木)23:59までの間、規制解除版とオンエア版の比較映像を公開! ◆比較映像→ 規制解除版の第1話~第6話が収録されたBD-BOX第1巻は、10/28…
When you wanna buy Berserk manga issues but you have no money.
desde setembro do ano passado que não compro mais mangá do berserk, já deve ter umas 6 edições na frente :/
Eles acham 20th Century Boys o melhor mangá do mundo Releram Berserk ao menos 4 vezes Avatar do Wenli Yang Amodeiam o Anno SBR magnum opus
【規制解除版含む全12話一挙配信決定!】 10/21(金)12:00~10/23(日)11:59までの間、GYAO!にて、第1話~第12話までの一挙配信が決定!さらに、第1話~第6話は、規制解除版での配信となります!お見逃しなく!…
El manga de Berserk es 100% cremita
@meguro_gau Hate is a place where a man who can't stand sadness goes. -Godo (Berserk) #manga #anime
Started berserk and my life is consumed..... Wish I had more anime cam girl friends to cheese w/ :(
C'est quoi le meilleur moyen de découvrir Berserk? Le manga, l'ancien anime, le nouvel anime?
I really wonder what Miura thinks of the Berserk anime