J'ai fini de voir l'épisode 2 sur 12 de Berserk (2016).
RT @AzioManga: Manga that you will not regret spending ur money on IMHO: Berserk Vinland Saga Vagabond Monster Goodnight Punpun The Flowers of Evil
Le coffret collector des films Berserk est en précommande sur Anime Store à prix intéressant !
RT @wowow_anime: アニメプレミア「ベルセルク」スタンプラリー スタンプを集めて特製壁紙が貰えるチャンスはあと2回! フン(`・ω・)o=[≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≫ ⇒ #wowow #berserk
RT @wowow_anime: 『ベルセルク 黄金時代篇』 ベルセルクの劇場版を2夜連続で一挙放送! 9/12(月)深夜0:00からです!お楽しみに~(っ≧ω≦)っ⇒ #wowow #berserk
@GeekRemixALot you should pick up the berserk anime from the 90s, is good. And the manga is gorgeous and has like 10 more volumes if stuff
anime berserk keknya greget....shonen bgt (y)
@randomfox The manga's pacing has issues but the storyline of Berserk is so good
berserk is the best manga of all time fuck you
I watched 1 episode of "Berserk (2016)"! #MyAniList
Just 4 volumes of Berserk manga left to read, been an amazing journey so far and there is so much left to happen #Gutts
2016 berserk is ass but the old manga and anime are good
The berserk 2016 anime is so bad, but I'm obligated to watch because the manga, 90s anime and OVAs are so good (in order)
Prophet Cobaner: Is the Berserk anime good?
@Cobanermani456 Berserk is AMAZING but the anime is SHIT. Read it though.
Yup. Berserk is hilarious. Probably the most funny and light hearted Manga out there.
@Mistah_Dingus If theres any one anime series worth giving proper budget and time to, its definitely Berserk....
Is the Berserk anime good?
@Tunucook *cough read the berserk manga cough*