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I wanted to see Bernie Mac !
RT @NickShannon125: @iiBreakNecks @KytheRHOgue OMG HOW CRUEL AND INSENSITIVE. 😢😢😢 Why does it cut off right at the Bernie Mac impersonation. Bustards!
So they gone hoe us on the Bernie Mac 😒
Bernie Mac would say, 'America, #The Joker never means anything he says.and has a desire for unbridled chaos'.
Can't play the player 😌 #Bernie Mac
eddie murphy stand up >>>>>> everybody else besides bernie mac
Kick ass *bernie Mac voice*
@NayaRivera Just randomly saw you on an episode of The Bernie Mac Show earlier today!
This dipshit just found out bernie mac died....... nigga it's been like 8 years
man i miss bernie mac
@_TaylorGaines @WORIDSTARHIPHOP why they cut out Bernie Mac!!??? It was great tho lol
First of all I'm blessed. I can pull my dick out and the whole room get dark -Bernie Mac
😂😂😂😂 Bernie Mac got me crying omg
Bernie Mac - Def Comedy Jam
RT @TheLaunchMag: Happy Birthday, Isaac Hayes! They died on the same damn weekend... RIP Isaac! RIP Bernie Mac!
RT @mercedesablake: 16. Bernie Mac was the best to ever do it. Rest in Peace..
Why they gotta stop at Bernie Mac tho ??
@brewtownandy I think that was Bernie Mac's ashes.
Show me some love like I'm Bernie Mac