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RT @jaboukie: just a warning that we are ~18 days away from white frat bros putting on a maga hat/blackface and calling it a kany…
RT @summer95: I LIVE WITH A TINY PREDATOR (sorry for my shriek)
RT @LilNasX: me fighting greenhouse gas emissions so humans don’t go extinct in 2030
my new wax pen is so fucking strong it literally fucked me and bekah
Omg me n bekah r squealing I can’t snakksjsjjaj
Pumpkin Fest bake sales🧡🎃
RT @onyeyichii: This is very false. Some people get tied up with school, life, work, obligations. Doesn’t mean they don’t care. May…
I should be in SA shopping but instead I’m at home being lazy! 🙄
@destiny3prince I feel your pain, this is my Dad aswell 😭😭😭
This doggo knows no personal space today. (I'm not even mad about it)
RT @xvvvier: i always say “from now on i’m gonna do them how they do me” but it ain’t even in my heart to be like that..
RT @OGTREEZ: Ayye yall can we leave these SoundCloud clout demons in 2018 plz?
RT @kennedycarman_: Dan Gowell Dan Gowel Dan Gowe Dan Gow Dan Go Dan G Dan Da D S St Ste Stev Steve Steve H Steve Ha Steve Har Steve…
@chelsasquatch I started watching this this morning and, uh, you right.
RT @sweatyhairy: tall dudes really just walk around like 😏 / | \ | | | / \
RT @hannah__127: in honor of mental health week i'd just like to say to check up on your friends. most of us suffer in silence. keep…
RT @WrightToLife: Welcome to college. Where every single person is smarter than you except for the 3 people in your group project.
RT @icedoutomnitrix: why did miley cyrus say there's a party in the usa. there's no party here u fucking idiot. it is chaos
RT @killchris__: i’m tired of rising n mf grinding
RT @NOTVIKING: me: what your biggest fear? date: oh i’m incredibly arachnophobic me: [under breath] you don’t want spiders to get married?
We want to demonstrate how the resurrection of Jesus and the promise of our resurrection is the ultimate hope for t…
RT @cooper_kinne: can shane dawson do a video on climate change so yall will start caring
learning to love God, yourself, and others... that’s the 🔑.
RT @amonrahh: im not broke im pre-rich...