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RT @deject3d: lana: you’re screwed up and brilliant look like a million dollar man... me: why is my heart broke
ppl that say they hate drama are always the ones making it
@OfBoldGlam Ellie looked at the selection of drinks that the coffee shop offered. “Hmm, maybe a vanilla latte? Tha…
@akolnoix_art Safu!!!!!!!!<3<3<3 Tank you for painting an angel! this work is amazing
RT @BTSxBRAZIL: #LOVE_YOURSELF 結 'Answer' metas brasileiras; 🇧🇷 📍#1 iTunes Brasil 📍#1 "Em Alta" do Youtube Brasil 📍Top 5 das pla…
RT @TaylizArt: Oh twitter... maybe someday I’ll be active on you. Anyway, here’s Doukyuusei! (My art has been improving and I’m s…
RT @sonofafarmer_: I swear nobody gets married faster than 2 horny christians
i’m genuinely happy right now, bekah and i are rocking out to some ~funky tunes~ and this is honestly exactly what…
RT @BTSxBRAZIL: [#INFO] Com 57 semanas consecutivas no #1 do Social 50 da Billboard, @BTS_twt acaba de quebrar o recorde do cantor Justin Bieber!
@prisca102 I swear “I’m legally blind” 😂😂
@raspberry_bekah change your bio you're 18 now
y’all she needs a light skin to help her out w this
@Staples @bekah_leighann Staples really tweeted you💀
RT @slcmariahh: I miss you but you aint you anymore
RT @CEEBRENA: For anyone who needs to hear it “You are enough”
RT @biebercitei: namore alguém que te diga isso todos os dias.
Listen to Dave Jens Jezza and Bekah by The Place 4 Music #np on #SoundCloud
RT @lex_lolo: add some r&b and some wine? a vibe I am trying to feel.
RT @themoontarot: You are not alone in feeling pain. Everyone is dealing with something. Be kind and reach out for help. Help others…
RT @dom_dotty: When you close at work and the have to open the next day.
RT @amandaasette: You know it fucking sucks having to be worried about going places alone as a woman. With all this sex trafficking s…
Saya menambahkan video ke playlist @YouTube JOTEVLOG| LAUT BEKAH YOGYAKARTA
RT @finnothy: fuck skater boys. i want a SCOOTER boy. if u scoot dm me