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25 days and things will be on our terms. nobody else.
RT @BRepairers: “It's one thing to read that in my home state nearly 9,000 people are homeless and nearly half of the state's resid…
@wideawokee Wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌹
RT @red_socialblade: James Charles’ career: *already suffering* Jeffree Star: lemme finish this
RT @wilfriedzaha: As a thank you for the support you guys have given me this season wanted to give something away. For a chance to wi…
RT @ratmnd: Ive hung out with Bekah Alegria pretty much everyday for the past like week and a half.. Not seeing her today was so sad
@frayonce_ I’m as shocked as you, I’ll text ya!
RT @tonywang789: Jonas Brothers performing “Burning Up” on SNL.
RT @KPRC2Cathy: TRIBUTE TO MALEAH: A memorial sits outside the apartment where #MaleahDavis lived with her mother and stepfather, D…
@bekahGray89 Hahaha aken man scary still look about 14. Thanks a lot bekah xx
RT @Rishabh_K_Ray: Most useless character: Jon snow(Targaryen) Most Fu*ked up character: Dany Best actress: Cersei The one who carr…
@bekah_eh @Smiles4lot I’m fuckin weak as fuckkkkk
Pretty sure @GRRMspeaking is going to release The Winds of Winter shortly after series 8 finishes #GameofThrones
RT @ghostlikecrime: Tyrion: If the bells ring that means they surrender #GameofThrones Daenerys:
& @paulpogba apologised to this, if winning if a team effort then so is losing!! what fans put their players down l…