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Justin beiber created #beliebers when he recorded "as long as u love me" #mindcontrol #idgaf #belieber #ohgod
Justin beiber "boyfriend" 💦💦💦 #belieber
Like (insert anime/fictional crush) and Beiber should be fictional.(Sorry, I just don't like him)
RT @emma_sartoris: if you honestly think justin beiber is a better singer than jacob then you can drink bleach😊😊✌🏽️
RT @are_you_oKAY_: if you and your bestfriend can't jam to victoria justice, hannah montana and old justin beiber songs in the car then wyd
RT @Poshboy97: Justin Beiber wouldn't make it through a whole manc gig... The crowd al start doing keys to Sorry and lob flares n bucket hats at him
#NowPlaying on WMSL-UK: Dj Snake - Let Me Love You (Feat Justin Beiber) #ListenLIVE Here #tunein #Radio
Do you think Beiber understands what a concert is supposed to be like? Maybe that's the problem because if not then
I can't believe people actually stan little mix, Taylor swift, and Justin beiber . How can you even like them?
Beauty And A Beat - Justin Beiber Feat Nicki Minaj #NowPlaying
Just when I thought I am finally liking Beiber enough he starts being a massive jerk to his fans :/ Why ever walk off stage in a concert?
@PigsAndPlans brag to everyone that they went to a justin beiber concert. you are rich bc
I came here to kick ass and make a wish, and I already dropped a 10 year old cancer patient off at a Justin Beiber concert
@jules7252 @blaufman @ArleneDickinson no u keep Trump. 4 that matter, u created Beiber. Hes not really our fault. But unfortunately hes ours
@Drift0r eh this has been around for ages. Ever since Justin Beiber first came on the scene girls been getting mad eye herpes
Beiber and Post Malone lowkey snapped
Wow, Justin Beiber is having some realization...Ok, I'm finally see some understanding.
RT @biebetuu: Hey if you turn on my notifications I will follow you from @justinbieber RT WHEN DONE!
RT @JustinBieberQLD: The three most important words you can learn about life: It goes on..
RT @biebetuu: Babe if you turn on my notifications I will follow you from @justinbieber RT WHEN DONE!