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@beccahasnoheart omg Becca you're seriously the sweetest , i love you so much already thank you for being you
Becca si hitam logam 🐱🐈
RT @SopanDeb: Now Trump is promoting the Old Post Office, which he is opening tomorrow. Man.
RT @mwielo13: becca&anna are so cute and funny😫😂😇
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RT @JGXRCX: I get this all the time😂
RT @cripontheleaves: So a nigga just letting this battle go down on his skin like dat?
@Becca_Riverbird gotta sweat the fever out before tomorrow so i can teaaach
RT @EmilyyBecca: Follow me on Bloglovin so you never miss a post!🙌 #BloggersBlast @wetweetblogs @BloggersLifee @PLBChat
RT @ReIatable: when bae is mad at you, but u just wanna love them
Wonder if trump realizes that if he actually wins snl is going to make fun of him every week
@LilyStinehour soooo true,,, but why is the skinny bitch holding the wine in a bikini lmao!!🙄😂
RT @jenni_eales: I took the chance to visit the oYo Exhibition for the RFL project again before it is taken down. A really nice...
RT @Artroverted_: you were a home that i wanted to grow up in