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@jubiIeee bilbs massive 2k17
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You're pleased to find that your vigor has returned just in ti... More for Aries
@Becca_tbh Louis and the most hated family in America and a place for paedophiles are the best ones
@k0nstantinex I've seen the LA stories and the weird weekends but still gotta watch the others
#Monty: Becca created nightblood there, they'll find her records and all they have to do is reverse-engineer it from Luna. #The100 Feb 2017
@Becca_tbh oh yeah I like that one! Have you watched the Louis Theroux seasons? They're all good
@jubiIeee no I don't want to go to oxford or Cambridge mummy, bilborough is the life for me
RT @shinee_uzam: 솔로 콘서트에서 민호를 만난 종현 영상 제공 @jonghyunggyu
I hate being on other people time
@k0nstantinex me too ahhh, I just finished watching 'interview with a serial killer'
@JCBeccari Becca meu amor tu tem q me explicar isso aí certinho pq n to vendo oq tu ta vendo de vdd faz um livro aí explicando e me manda
I like having a break from driving.. but I need my wheel fixed this weekend