RT @netanyahu: Today at the Taj Mahal. A place of serenity, love, and infinite beauty.
RT @JuliaGrantham2: I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains. -Anne Frank
I'm a simple man. I see beauty, I press like
Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. #beautyquotes
RT @ssssfdff3: لتحميل الفيلم كامل وتخطي الحجب اضغط الرابط ثم اضغط الاعلان رجاء م…
@_moansmainbitch @haylee_paley She pretty enough! Doesn’t need all that beauty sleep 🙄
RT @OFFICIALDJAR: Beauty bar is the move tonight
RT @KeN0110Er: 켄타상 군대 안간다고 옷으로 체험시켜주기 있기없기
RT @HYDEFESTTHEATRE: Tameside Youth Drama Group bring the first production of 2018 to us this week. Sleeping Beauty runs from Thursday to Saturday.
RT @alfamart: Tampil cantik di tahun yang baru? Sahabat ada diskon 20% di Beauty Style for New Year Alfacart! Cek sekarang! Info… Spa Centre in Udaipur Spa, salon, beauty, parlour, makeup, artist,…
RT @Oldmanrobocop: @RealSamGrady Jennifer Garner is gorgeous, I can't picture the other two but Garner is the heartland beauty
Expressive Portraits Highlight the Overlooked Beauty of Black Shelter Dogs via @mymodernmet
RT @Terry_Harney: Virtual Reality's Founding Father on the Beauty of VR and Music
RT @HiHonorIndia: Welcome friends of #Honor to the grand launch of the newest member! Get ready to witness beauty past compare with…
RT @flirtsjeon: @BTS_twt “well look at that face he’s so beautiful” even the interviewer couldn’t resist jungkook’s beauty dksjs…
RT @Fashionista_com: These are the concepts, technology and trends that are turning the beauty industry on its head:…
@ErenJae90749663 " Aww, honey ~ ! " She laughs joyfully and smooches his face up.
I remember boppin to beauty killer back in 2009 and everyone was who the fuck is @JeffreeStar and now look... 😂
RT @ssssfdff3: لتحميل الفيلم كامل وتخطي الحجب اضغط الرابط ثم اضغط الاعلان في الم…