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「Beam me up, Scotty」というセリフ自体は1回(?)しか無いのね。
RT @Kyukimasa: 面白いのは「Beam me up, Scotty」自体、カークの台詞に存在せず、いつの間にかインターネットミーム化してる点 どうやら「知的生命体はいない」込みで70年代頃にはフレーズとして完成されてたらしい
RT @keet0007: #StonerSciFi Beam me up, Scotty. No trace of intelligent life down here.
Beam me up Scotty
@NICKIMINAJ I Still Appreciate Beam Me Up Scotty #NeverForget
"beam me up scotty" YAS
Beam me up Scotty
Tbilisi has been a blast. It's bye for now. Beam me up Scotty!
#gtlive if this dr. Scuss world is like the cat in the hat movie, BEAM ME UP SCOTTY
future echo sounds as new AI tech developments take hold on Planet Earth...speed of change Warp-factor 10...beam me up Scotty..
beam me up Scotty
RT @Apriljanes: @Copper_Soul @mrpotholeuk @mashable @BMW perhaps it has a 'beam me up Scotty' button ☺