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RT @SincerelyTumblr: when you trynna see if someone replied to your text and they start typing
I love people but if you hate Justin Bieber or Christian Beadles then you're my biggest enemy ( your even bigger enemy than my high school )
Auténticos auténticos 😍
RT @10APG: Vamos @AUTENTICOS_UANL , apoyando el equipo con mi primo !! @uanl
@flatlvline nao fala do meu beadles nao
RT @amoraveis: tudo na vida é questão de prioridade seja a sua.
@queen_beadles @Piconn manda pra mim também leãozinho KDOJDKAJFLSIS
RT @tonyintime: Hey Spartans! ASB is selling dinner plates right now till 6 pm! Pls come buy some af
RT @IntThings: Your hardest challenges will teach you your best lessons
RT @hannialpa: definitivamente quiero mi vida de hace 2 o 3 años
RT @Rambobiggs: @JamesOKeefeIII and his team have legitimate threats so we are doing what we can to help out and ensure his work gets to the people
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RT @comoserdemty: haberte hecho un para nada mas contestar las preguntas positivas y que se viera que el mundo te amaba
RT @pjt_followjb: Caitlin Beadles, his first girlfriend. BELIEBERS VOTANDO #ARIASJUSTINBIEBER
Mamaaaaaaaaaá el boleto de Justin por favooooor
RT @incxmpris: quand jsuis énervé jpeux être hyper blessant alors que je pense pas 1 mot de ce que je dis..