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Social media made it easier for people to support you & that's cool. How about in real life though?? That'll be dope
@PointlessBlog OH MAN HOLY SHIEETT That's gonna be DOPE
RT @RISECREAT1ON: @PrimalGG Apparel lineup! / RT's and Likes would be dope! / Feedback would be awesome! / Hope you like it guys!
@Youngjae_Lee295 I move this weekend! Ahaha it would be dope having a ghost friend 😅🤓
@mc_mcfarland2 I saw that trade rumor. That would be dope!
@icp a concert or gathering at Bubba Race way park would be dope!
It would be dope to hear @SuicideChrist + @suicideLEOPARD on a @SupaDezzy + @trakkabeats On some #7thWard $hit!
@BasedEMP haha word gonna be dope af. <3
@tylerrjoseph I'm 21 in a few months and it would be dope if you and Jish the squish could come because I have no friends to celebrate with.
RT @TheImperialEm_: If I Could Be 5'10, That'd Be Dope. Lol
If I Could Be 5'10, That'd Be Dope. Lol
@AlexTrott_ Like, if you could create macros for it, that'd be dope. Quick save as png in PS...little things.
@geekwithspecs hope the place would be dope af
@tox1cwastechild that would be dope hair white as snow with green glowing eyes god that opening song though is lit
RT @Ace_wizzy01: The Jemeji movie will be dope tho' #BBnaija
How to be dope AF.. Don't need to explain, the picture says the message🙌🏻 Your ego is your…
@whatssophanny yeah that'd be dope, i'd prob be down for a deadlift sesh. and nice yeah i also saw your bench man, real good for your weight
@LuckyEntAUS collab between you legends would be dope! @WillSparks @TJR
RT @SephyrCreatives: Banner for @Huahwi Dual with @StxrmOfficial (C4D) HD Vers: 25 RT's and 80 Fav's would be…
RT @iamrushen_: i wonder why you wanna be like others 😅 just be you; be dope and be genuine enough. in the end, it wont matter who you look like