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This made me smile cause it'd be dope to sing in an auto tune mic with @trvisXX
@Silas301 man if you wanna drop music by @joeyBADASS and @kendricklamar that'd be dope 👌
RT @kaitdigi: be young be dope be proud
RT @ka_wheel: This poster is dope This movie is gonn be dope I love this vibe and I'm loving this costume I love Spider-Man
It's sad when you thought someone was gonna be dope but they end up WACK
Do they have escape the room but for kids? Think that would be dope for the minis and I this summa 🤔
Supreme will always be dope cuz of the real movement tho
RT @ItsJenJenM: @JessicaMedinaa a Chivas vs America would be dope af...or a Mexico vs whoever
@JessicaMedinaa a Chivas vs America would be dope af...or a Mexico vs whoever
@FreddyHaloLover their child would come out looking like Hagoromo. Senju, Uzumaki, Uchiha, Hyuga in one baby!? That's gonna be dope!
RT @Johnological: For this coming EP we're about to drop, I think it'd be dope to have a bunch of mini release parties --
@TannerPacheco that would be dope this tourney needs another OT buzzer beater
@CallMePlug no one copy the idea pls, y'all can just buy it it's gonna be dope!!
@AdidasKing5 Well theres already 2 live action Death Note movies so you gonna suck it up and accept it lol this netflix one is gonna be dope
Finding someone that's into me as much as i'm into them, that would be dope.
RT @cwistul: PSA: The cool thing about life is that it's not a competition. We can all be dope and successful human beings if we want to be
I wish I just had a natural 45 inch vertical. That's be dope
@tailopez plus at the end of the day i just want enough money too go to mars on 2 million plus. lmao and bring whoever that would be dope.
@RandyMurawski it'd be dope for sure
if the parents i'm babysitting for we to come home anytime soon that would be dope
I would absolutely LOVE to see @Eminem & @FromAshestoNew work together! Even if it's only one song! That would be dope! #spreadtheashes
I wish I was body confident.....that'd be dope.