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John N Gray in BBC4 (audio): "Whatever happens, there will be no return to pre-Trump normalcy"
Sounds like @FrancesHardinge will be on "Andrew Marr’s Paperback Heroes" Monday 9pm, BBC4.
@InkingTwink basically BBC4 stopped spending money on original drama or something iirc
RT @vivienboyes: Just watched this. Beautifully written and directed. So poignant. Catch it on BBC4 on Sunday.
RT @RhebelRhebel: It's still mental to take in that The Crazy World of Arthur Brown is actually Scott Brown's dad. #Broony #Fire #BBC4
RT @JeSuisFedUp: When working classes of all races and backgrounds use to join together. Football fans/Brexiters take note. End divi…
PINK FLOYD on BBC4? Sooooooooooopah!
Really interesting Doc about Genesis tonight enjoyed very much #BBC4
LSD Pop poor SYD Peter Green #BBC4
Barrett-era Floyd is all you need, isn't it? Everything after is Waters-driven middle class angsty-wank. #bbc4
Is Syd at the 'had too much acid' point, yet? #JugbandBlues #bbc4
Pleased to see Genesis apologist, #philcollins shill, drum nut, and democratic process ruiner @almurray on BBC4 doc tonight.
The BBC4 Genesis thing: Gabriel couldn't look at the others in the eye. Hardly surprising really.
RT @andymac3d: Thank you #BBC4 - seminal moment in psychedelic rock: Vivian Stanshall resplendent in ogres head mask.…
Genesis doc on BBC4, fantastic insight into a great group. Not many groups now will last half as long, even with their manufactured "music"
#SoundtrackOfOurLives ...very poignant comment by Phil Collins on #BBC4 #Genesis
@peter_pdm Prog at the Beeb on at 3am on bbc4. Set your Betamax recorder up for it!
John Peel and The Jam on TOTP on BBC4 now. 👍
RT @con_news: Investigate the back catalogue by re-releasing “Selling England By The Pound” #Topical #Genesis #bbc4
Investigate the back catalogue by re-releasing “Selling England By The Pound” #Topical #Genesis #bbc4
I bet all these twits extolling Genesis on BBC4 voted for Brexit.
RT @marjoriemcc: Ooh luvn this doc bbc4 to see all original line up Genesis together!! #nurseryrymes @itspetergabriel
RT @Raymond_Nelson: Watching #Genesis Together & Apart on #BBC4 another awesome retrospective. A lot has happened since but 'thinking bands' always remain. 🎧