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RT @vooxiz: bart il est grav chaud en freestyle
RT @vooxiz: bart il est grav chaud en freestyle
Team Score: KING 42, BART 21 (4:37:37 PM) #takedownapp #FalconStrong
steve orgulhoso do louis o tempo inteiro cancelou todos os shows pra poder estar lá com ele também o que dizer desse bolinho #ProudOfLouis
At 106 lbs, Wallace(BART) decision Cecil(KING), 5-0 in SV (4:37:37 PM). #takedownapp #FalconStrong
RT @vooxiz: bart il est grav chaud en freestyle
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RT @KnowledgIsPowa: Iris West's hubby💕 Best CSI Ever (S1a👍) Nora & Henry's slugger Wally West's bro-in-law #TornadoTwins's dad Bart All…
RT @bst1Dupdates: VÍDEO: Apresentação completa do Louis e do Steve, na final do TXF. #ProudOfLouis
La voix de Bart ils l'ont changé c'est une blague
i dropped the dr. pepper on my mattress while looking for pictures of aesthetic bart simpson
@Dolf_v_Aert @bart_hoffman En hoeveel tattoos heb jij tegenwoordig wel niet
@VonWrath jako že se hospoda nesmí opouštět před rozedněním?
Bose made earbuds that act like hearing aids #hearables
So I guess those "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" placards that are so huge and alarming on BART are important... Except that the train's in the dark.
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RT @TTremblingEarth: When you're trying to get to Davis but can't escape the city because rain made the power go out and now BART is hav…
@jeffgreer_cj Like Bart Simpson at the blackboard, you can almost certainly prepare to write it 200 times more. ;-)