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This time three years ago I was at the doctor who 50th convention where has time gone great times
RT @Lisaneave1: 🎶Hello it's me,i was wondering if after all these week's you'd like to meet,Hello from the other side,i must have c…
@JDonOfficial @loosewomen Do a Christmas Record together, would sound amazing. Also the lovely John Barrowman to. Would be bit hit u 3.Dawn😃
#BetterAmbassadorsThanFarage - @Team_Barrowman... He can sing, he can dance, American/British, supporter of LGBT rights & can Time Travel!
@Disney let John Barrowman sing a song in one of your movies cos wHY THE HELL NOT
RT @_campwxlfe: can u believe we've made it through 8 weeks without any berena screentime.. 👏 round of applause for us all 👏
@midnightaction same here hang in there though only 6 hours and 59 minutes to go
7 hours and 4 minutes till Bernie is back #Berena #HolbyCity
bernie's back in town tonight here's the trailer who's excited? #Berena #HolbyCity
RT @comicconterp: @Team_Barrowman checks to see if this gentleman is a TRUE Scotsman @heroesfanfest in #Atlanta. #HVFF #DeafFriendly…
RT @comicconterp: @Team_Barrowman tells @heroesfanfest when he proved to @david_ramsey his farts don't smell, & how @StephenAmell rea…
RT @JessGraceWrites: John Barrowman talks about kissing Spike #JohnBarrowman #Spike #buffythevampireslayer #jamesmarsters…
RT @kelsey_work: My #mcm goes to these two @Team_Barrowman @scottmale with a throwback pic from Hawaii
RT @MionaShulesLove: Went to #hvff and I must say... @CreationEnt and @Omundson have forever spoiled me. But @Team_Barrowman was a sweet…
RT @bren0130: @Team_Barrowman Hate I missed it but sent my kids! Thanks for the laugh!! Hoping to make it next time!!!
RT @DLPandtheMasses: My #MCM is both @Team_Barrowman & @scottmale. So grateful to have them in #HolyMusicVideo. Watch it here:…
@Team_Barrowman will Torchwood ever come back on TV?
Oops! John Barrowman ‘Accidentally’ Reveals What His Husband Is Packing (Again)
Oops! John Barrowman ‘Accidentally’ Reveals What His Husband Is Packing (Again)