Tweets about a recent trend: Barney

Today's aesthetic: Barney (dinosaur) riding into the sun on a spinning Reese's peanut butter cup singing all the lyrics to alphabet aerobics
Que triste y aburrido es todo apenas terminas una serie #howimetyourmother te voy a extraΓ±ar barney stinsonnnn.
@TheG4M3RPro why not....i usually do haha
@trent_barney both snipers a ton of gameplay grind but I'm finally putting it together
Barney gives us all too much entertainment on twitter πŸ˜‚ @sammyhill_ @ZakkHill @MaxHill93
@A_Klonaris JAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJ la cara de Barney que hijo de puta
@florgranja_ vc el shing y el shang christian grey anastasia steele barney y sus amigos salchichas y pure rayo mcqueen y mate sullivan ymike
RT @klown13: @Ashlee_Nycole this suit place uses Barney in their ad
Dat widow maker doe!!! Snipers
.@barkeyfrank says @realDonaldTrump probably won't gut his banking law
RT @mafiusmefius: o barney o dinossauro entro na minha casa e mato meu pai quero esse cara atras de grades
i love robin and barney together but i had about 20 heart attacks
Who the perverts y'all talking bout? I been at work and the hair salon & ain't nobody said nun πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Rewatching How I Met Your Mother I'm realizing that Barney was really a scum ass friend
@spacelerman sΓ³ queria falar q fiquei triste com o barney socorro
I liked a @YouTube video from @SkyDoesTweeting THE DONUT CHALLENGE! /w Ross, Sky, Barney, and Max!
@vitoriacostx barney e seus amigos
@Swole_Chicken lol, Barney would scare me worse
Can't get enough of Barney 😏
RT @Elsolitariolla1: Jajaja el doctor simi le recetΓ³ unos madrazos al barney y eso que no estaba enfermo.
nos prΓ³ximos quatro dias estarei sΓ³ o barney e a robin
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Barney Meets His Maker