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im not being funny. Why is chat active when im tryna watch barney Christmas special but not when ive been doing bugger all for past 5 hours.
RT @FrasesdeHIMYM: ¡Vamos a hacer un Iglú en central Park! ¡Va a ser legendario! —Barney
I love barney and robin together
@xsuariztax jajajaja,igual,seguro que si la bardeo y estaba ahí es fan de barney,no ve los videos de Mica 💁 jajaja
RT @simone_manuel: Yes, we know we can't dance, but 4 hr. flight delays got us like... @katiedrabot vid creds: @LiaNeal
@SNstats @michaelgrange Strong odds Grilli and Barney are the only ones back.
mores to nem ai pra vcs sou lovatic desde barney
Awwwwww my young Reggie reunited with my Barney once again xxxxxxxxxx 🌈💙💙 lovely memories that will live on. Thank…
RT @DuranDuranDog: RIP cousin Barney 🌈🐶🌈 I love YOU
See you in the hoe down throwdown with me, Barney
RT @FrikiRatos: — Barney, a que no eres capaz de ligarte a una chica en Poniente. — Acepto el reto.
RT @The1980sGirl: My sister @TaniaMariaWelch lost her beautiful dog Barney yesterday, he was 13. He was one special boy too & @DuranDuranDog & I will miss him
They appear to have become so attached to their outrage that they are e... #BarneyFrank #quotes
RT @realDonaldTrump: Barney Frank looked disgusting--nipples protruding--in his blue shirt before Congress. Very very disrespectful.
RT @FrasesdeHIMYM: -Lección 1, afeitate la perilla, no te pega con tu traje +No llevo traje -Lección 2, cómprate un traje —Barney
RT @itsHIMYMquotes: Barney: A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.
RT @gary_hensel: Natalie Clifford Barney.- (American playwright, poet and novelist ) Women Leaders #quote
RT @kcpedestrian: Route 108 right to the 40 before it leaves Barney Allis Plaza. Bus transfer perfection! #RideKC
RT @annaandy40: @TaniaMariaWelch Have been thinking of u all day Sending prayers unto Rainbow Bridge where Barney will run once more! He will be so missed 🙏
RT @Rodriguez_Alex3: Fuck that nigga Barney
RT @FrasesdeHIMYM: -Así que eres gimnasta olímpica +Medalla de plata +Ohhh... Lo siento, el oro es lo único que importa de verdad —Barney
RT @FrasesdeHIMYM: Tu cerebro es tu mayor limitación: Actúa —Barney
@Savvy_Celestee Barney Stinson is the greatest
@moataz091 it's cool actually :D Barney is an awesome character
agora que eu sei que ela pega o barney, vou parar de ver a série