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@porrarique_ @johsehelo @johsehelo oi Barney
RT @loganmypercy: 2 - quando o Barney fez a Robin falar um monte de merda em rede nacional
O Hades meteu a trela do Barney no pescoço por causa das dores
RT @DoglostUK: #LOST BARNEY Male #JackRussellTerrier Cross #Brightonracecourse #Brighton #BN25 #Lostdog #ScanMe…
RT @Juliazolin: O melhor personagem é o Barney, é isso
@Pat_Donovan @philquin70 @amymoritz Why was the Barney Miller finale heart-wrenching? Nobody died. Nobody got hurt.…
RT @itsHIMYMquotes: Barney: I'm done trying to get you. I can't do it anymore. I'm sorry it has taken me this long to figure it out.
RT @2009toastman: ……happy birthday. Barney Kessel & MICHAEL HOSSACK & BERNIE NOLAN & JIM SEALS & WYCLEF JEAN & JIRO & Eminem & 生田敬太郎…
RT @gabrgaz_beta: #OperacaoBetaLab #TimBeta #Beta #BetaLab #BetaAjudaBeta #BetaSegueBeta UOL: Atração da Record | Chico Barney: Real…
RT @TheJazzSoul: Miles Davis "Au Bar Du Petit Bac" Barney Wilen Kenny Clarke Soundtrack: "Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud" 1957…
@Karen0510Karen Edith was also Simon's friend & how he met Tamra. They were sneaking around behind his back #RHOC
@porrarique_ @johsehelo Barney
RT @darrenrovell: New LeBron spot from @nikebasketball
RT @Fiuk: Obrigado a todos q votaram e q gostam do meu trabalho 💙 me sinto muito grato
@paulabirra Jajajajajajajak barney un poroto
Danny Barney, ain't that the guy what made the @NecroDancerGame soundtrack? @dannyBstyle
'Its all Barney's fault for making us Believe that if I love you ,you love me too😢😭
This dude probably thinks Barney is one of the best tv shows of all time. This Nintendo guys smh
@carol_bernat eu sou mais o barney
RT @bbylychee: These beautiful empathetic fucking animals and y'all lock them in zoos