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RT @SputnikInt: Is @realDonaldTrump barking up the wrong tree? '#Dollar strength is not a problem for US'…
i may not be marching, but this lil lady won't stop barking what's on her mind 😱 @ Pooch Hotel…
Barking, this place is mad frosty
Think about that barking cat from barbie lmao that's just dumb
@ArvindKejriwal paltu ram.. u must be hard slapped by delhites..doing nothing only barking
Ramona just discovered that trees move when the wind blows and won't stop barking at them. Today is gonna be a looonnnggg day 🌬🍃🐶😑
What's in a name....which sounds scarier...a barking rat named killer or a Doberman named fluffy?
RT @WHU_Foundation: The ❄️cold❄️ didn't stop our inclusive sessions at Barking Abbey & Mile End today! #WeAreInclUSive
@Swamy39 sir unga voice ini kaykath..keep barking all you need in Twitter. 🖕👊 if you have guts come to marina with out protection!!
John Boye barking out instructions to Frank Acheampong like nobody's business. This is getting more intense #afcon2017
#Science - First freight train from China to Britain arrives, The train pulled in to Barking in East London after...
RT @WHU_Foundation: The ❄️cold❄️ didn't stop our inclusive sessions at Barking Abbey & Mile End today! #WeAreInclUSive
wow i love being woken up by barking dogs and landscapers in the morning 😍
Aside from the fact that you’re a barking sandpoop?
90-pound pit mix barking at the window ensured that the Girl Scout skipped this house. 20-pound dachshund mix helped
@VANITASAURUS jupp farben kamen gut raus und das Männershirt hat Quali. Danke für die commission <3
@Maazulhaq17 @humxa12 almost 90% Afghanistan is living in darkness these are our guys those in kabul are US puppets always barking
The New Silk Route: Freight train from China to Barking launched -
texting my dad to go check on my dog cause hes barking in the middle of the night which he never does and im worried but also too sleepy
RT @realDonaldTrump: I am honored to serve you, the great American People, as your 45th President of the United States!
@HRajaBJP stfu.. barking dogs seldom lose