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@s_barichello great pics! Isn't she just the cutest?! 😉
Such a pleasant late morning! Details on your forecast on @fox6now at 11am.
Just loving on @RachaelKWx's kitty! Finally met her a few nights ago!
A range of 60s across SE WI this morning -- highs will reach into the 70s this afternoon.
@s_barichello outlet shopping is the best kind of shopping!
Thanks! Banana Republic Outlet...Lord knows I can't afford anything full price there ;)
@s_barichello good timing for your recent trip. Just missed having a ruined vacation.
Que dorzinha de cabeça
@GarySDPB Understandable. Lets hope they both weaken significantly!
@s_barichello My daughter-in-law lives on Oahu (my son, too, but he's deployed right now), so the whole thing is making us kinda nervous...
@GarySDPB It really is. Even better in motion!
@BeatnikPoe I agree. I love Fall but I'm not ready for summer to end yet...
@s_barichello Summer is trying to completely drop off the radar like it did after labor day last year. Kinda hope it sticks around for a bit
@s_barichello That is an amazing visual, no?
Hurricane Madeline & Lester in the Pacific near Hawaii.
LATEST: 2016 is currently tied for 2nd warmest August on record.
RT @wxjerdman: Wind shear, approaching dry air taking toll on #Madeline. May weaken to a #tropical storm before reaching #Hawaii.
A quiet start to your morning in Milwaukee. Mostly sunny with middle 70s today. @s_barichello