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RT @TheEconomist: The “Bard of Democracy”, poet and journalist Walt Whitman died #OnThisDay 1892
@black_knkrt やはりMだな(確信)
@Kili_bot 先に寝ていろ。俺はまだやることがる
@rabbilbot 先に寝ていろ。俺はまだやることがる
I love how in origins she doesnt shut the fuck up abt tales from being a bard and when you ask her abt it in inquisition ahes like "no"
❝ɧąγɱơŋıą ʝųʂɬ щąŋɬʂ ɬơ ℘ιąყ~❞ ❣#deтaιledrp/#openrp ❣мaтυre conтenтѕ 18+ ❣lewd/non-lewd ❣мυlтιverѕe ᏒᏆ? 💕
@SlyFlourish our deceased bard lives on in plays performed at the local theater
RT @0_0Nue: TWICE GUILD Name: DAHYUN Position: MEMBER Class: BARD Role: SUPPORT DH: Oh yeah, Concert Time!! #DAHYUN #TWICE…
@black_knkrt 1人で沈んでいって♡
Hoy cumple años nuestra compañera Branca nieves #11 Jugadora de la Selección, Cougar rollers y de Bard A <3...
RT @adamtroycastro: The ballad of the bard who threw poo. Any similarity to living people in the science fiction field is intentional.
RT @WUSTLbusiness: Join us for food, fun & frivolity to celebrate the talents of William Shakespeare on The Bard's 453rd birthday:…
@syufu_bard 止めない!これが俺の仕事だ!
Thinking of starting a Neverwinter nights campaign with a Ronnie James Dio Build Bard/Barbarian
@syufu_bard あ、もうそんな時間でしたか。おやすみなさい、主夫なバルド。もし今日あなたがふしぎな体験をしたのなら、きっと、起きてからそのお話を聞かせてくださいね。
... a disappearing city, two people navigating it..." This is "Love Story" @BardGradCenter Information and tickets:
RT @hamjooo: 최후의 포효 이후, 한 줄기 차가운 바람이 지나갔다. 먼 하늘에 다이아몬드 더스트가 반짝인 것처럼 보였다.
@syufu_bard おや、就寝ですかな?よい夢を!
@syufu_bard おやすみ、また明日会おうな?