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If you grab a Spoonee Bard shirt make sure you use this code to save yourself a little extra <3…
@LRB_LoL j'ai compris qu'il était tilt quand j'lai vu full flame un bard qui était mort d'un talon alors que c'est parce qu'il fail r w/ahri
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - 「Lord Tourettes」||Dick Figures - Gypsy Bard||).
Nipple piercings?
finished leveling Bard, onto Paladin!
Estoy pensando con quien ver el partido el domingo... si lo veo con Sofi nos vamos a putiar mucho😂😂😂
@mooniniteboots I think I dropped oots somewhere around the dumb bard's father arc? I was caught up with it and just forgot to check updates
I liked a @YouTube video from @challengermont2 Best Wombo Combo - FIDDLESTICKS + BARD - League Of Legends
RT @DanyCARP_: ahora sí hablando fuera de joda, mantengamos la pacienciTIRASTE GAAAAAAAS, ABANDONASTEEEE, LO SUSPENDISTE PORQUE NO TENÉS AGUANTEEEEE
Buenos padel con el amigo !
Que ganas de verla y hablarrrrrr
@_LostGod да, потому что я главный подстрекатель, возмутитель и баламут хдд
@TempKitsempt bard confirmed lowest dps class btw, it's more a support class then anything.
@bard_ftor подстрекаешь меня
@SoulOfCreation Really? I was only a bard because my OC is an archer .w. fitting archery and all.
RT @shattawalegh: kakai remix loading
The Great and Mighty Warlock meaningfully hurls forth Bewitching Ray (using a 6th level spell slot) on an enemy Bard!
RT @Unique_Drops: Bard freestyle! (Wandersong from @theBanov in case you've been living under a rock!) #indiegame #indiedev