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RT @LordDeelo: Name some ppl u want in lord rn — Bama, Congo, Privacy
RT @AlwaysActions: Watch: Judge absolutely destroys #BLM terrorists and their lawyer! A must watch: make it go viral!🚨 #AmericaFirst…
Alabama Softball Gets Two Wins In Day One Of Easton Bama Bash
American Pickers in Bama
RT @ltsTheFBLife: Throwback to when Clemson beat Bama 🔥🔥🔥
RT @JasminMuj: They have much more than that. Putin will sink the knife in when it is most expedient for the Kremlin. Trump is on…
RT @ltsTheFBLife: Throwback to when Clemson beat Bama 🔥🔥🔥
@tj_lsudad And we're still assuming there were only two think Bama didn't make a play for him?
Pie Lab PIE in #Tuscaloosa. Order at #Bama #RollTide (February 24, 2017 at 10:30PM)
RT @ltsTheFBLife: Throwback to when Clemson beat Bama 🔥🔥🔥
How many ppl were in sampled, where (geographically) was sample derived, and how many of those included were on welfare? @WSJPolitics
RT @funder: .GOPs Chaffetz Reported To FBI For Using Illegal Private Email Server #trumprussia #russiagate #resist #russia #rt
RT @funder: .Ethics Complaint Filed on Chaffetz for Release of Comey Clinton Email Ltr #trumprussia #russiagate #resist #russia
RT @funder: .Anti-Trump group files ethics complaint against Chaffetz @TheDemCoalition #trumprussia #russiagate #resist #russia
RT @funder: .Chaffetz shouldn't be investigating the smell from a milk carton OR anything about Trump-hes too corrupt. #trumprussia #russiagate #resist
RT @funder: On 10/31 Chaffetz lied & said Hillary investigation was reopened-so I filed a House Ethics Complaint on him…
RT @funder: .Chaffetz lied saying FBI reopened the Hillary case 8 days before the election-he needs to leave this cmte #trumprussia #russiagate #resist
RT @funder: .Again-Chaffetz lied in public about existence of FBI investigation to influence the Presidential election #trumprussia #russiagate #resist
@bama_928 えwまさかの木月の日だったwww TL木日だらけで幸せなんだよーよく忘れられるけど良い日なんだ~٩(*´0`*)۶❤ のんちゃんは…日黒(?)www
RT @funder: .Chaffetz said the ethics complaint was "silly" Reporting someone for committing fraud isnt silly #trumprussia…
RT @funder: .Chaffetz has FEC complaint on him-he spent campaign $ on hotel-babysitting-gas-I added to ethics complaint…
RT @funder: .I also reported Chaffetz to FBI for personal email use-he has his personal gmail on House biz card #trumprussia…
RT @calebllambert: aye bama, you wanna keep your weather like this forever?