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RT @aambberrj: So ready for LSU vs BAMA
RT @MelKiperESPN: New #FirstDraft pod with ToddTodd @McShay13 and @SprowESPN. Stadiums, QBs, Allen (Bama), sleepers.
RT @colecubelic: Overall opponent record: Bama 34-25 Mich 28-24 Clem 31-17 Wash 23-36 Neb 20-30 Baylor 12-30 Auburn 29-20 Tenn 38-12 WVa 22-21 Louis 28-23
#Hogs need to remember that for Auburn next year and 'Bama in 2 yrs
MAYBE selling my Bama ticket. Maybe lol
RT @GreenAaker: #CSURams get elite JUCO WR Damarre Kitt (@D_ocho), former 4* prep who picked Clemson over 25+ P5 offers (e.g. Aub,…
RT @waheedstheWorst: 300lbs diving over the block 😳 #Bama don't play fair sheesh #TAMUvsBAMA
@AllVolTan @SECNetwork and another call not made by the @SEC against Bama! Dude threw off his helmet before the ball was recovered. 🤔
RT @MrCFB: SEC TV schedule set for Nov. 5. Verne and Gary do Bama-LSU in prime time. Brad Nessler and Aaron Taylor do Florida-Arkansas at 3:30 ET.
RT @abarty_intheusa: before and after you actually play bama
The butterfly crown is something serious, but yet snapchat took it away. 🙄
RT @MomentMae: @realDonaldTrump! @LouDobbs @seanhannity REPORT! Watch n RT! Nailed it then! Same now! Bama/Clinton Corrupt Crimina…
RT @GudMornin2World: We got da best of @SkyUK but spent hours @BattlecamLive C.Bama phoneshow last night. Reality @FilmOnTV is comedy gold #hilarious #Raw #Ppl
@storiesdub yep but UofL has 2 BCS wins a couple of top 5 finishes a fiesta bowl win over BAMA & a ton other bowls last 25yrs.UK,not much.
@jjguinozzo Lol at u. Who counts national titles for their entire conference. Seriously, if Bama wins the NC doesn't count in Georgia? LMAO
I consider going back to Bama for college all the time and it's to the point it won't take much to convince me...
@bama_nurse I'm starting to think you like feet a lot and are trying not to seem weird(er)
Lemme just pray my clothes I ordered for the lsu vs Bama game come in on time 🙄🙄
RT @PaulMyerberg: Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio St and Bama (Nos. 1, 5, 6, 7 in all-time Ws) are ranked in top 7 of AP poll for 1st time since 1976 preseason poll.
RT @pauljonesb: #MackTruck @iam__mw3o Big time hit vs TAMU Doing work as a freshman, bright future ahead #Bama #Beast
Bro this is 22 Savage 😂😂😂
@mollyleadbeater 2 weeks from LSU vs Bama!
RT @DuseReport: Palm Beach Gardens LB, #Bama commit VanDarius Cowan kicked off football team. F/R @ABLichtenstein