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@ballroom_blitz nice hopefully I'll catch it before anyone else does
@digitalgain Thanks, I just looked it up and I think you’re right! There’s another smaller tree with different flop…
@ballroom_blitz looks like a crape myrtle from here but I can't say for sure
Also, can anyone ID the pink tree that’s in our backyard? I see them all over this area but don’t know what it is.
Just mowed the overgrown back yard after approximately 20 years of not using a lawn mower and I feel like an accomp…
The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
Tia Carrera - "Ballroom Blitz"
With 39 #1 singles around the globe including “Love Is Like Oxygen,” “Little Willy,” “Blockbuster,” “Hell Raiser,”…
Suicide Squad - "Ballroom Blitz" via @YouTube....the big man at the back said everyone attack 🛋🎨
Ihr könnt jetzt kuscheln! The Ballroom Blitz (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) via @YouTube
Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz (Official Video) via @YouTube do u like @SodomHall I do
@_jjju_ @Tn_Collision @WahooguyRA The hint this has something to do with the map ballroom blitz and the castle
Added "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet to my Walking Playlist on Spotify
@LevelCapGaming @Kenturrac @TheErtter Fog can go to hell in this case. Unless they can actually make it more realis…
Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz (Official Video) vía @YouTube
RT @11z11x: Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz (Official Video) с помощью @YouTube
Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz (Official Video) с помощью @YouTube
@chizhov1 @dw_russian Неподражаемые Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
ballroom blitz is a stupid song dont @ me
@ballroom_blitz 🌈you’re never to old to hit your kid🌈
@branwenshoop @snaphiss @banditloaf I feel like I've heard this story, but also didn't know it involved him
@branwenshoop Like A Banks is problematic but her burns are so goooooood