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RT @Stevenwhirsch99: In California right now it's safer to fly an ISIS flag than it is to fly an American flag. Sad but true. Clueless m…
RT @GetPotbox: New #Prop64 polling from #CACounts shows 71% of people in #California support legalizing pot
Someone drive to California w me this summer🤗🚙
RT @appearance: When you get stuck in California traffic
RT @T_IWATA_EX_3JSB: 💿『THE JSB WORLD 』💿 2017.3.29🔥🔥🔥 #thejsbworld #三代目jsoulbrothers @ Beverly Hills, California
RT @Country_Voices: She walks in like California, talks more like Tennessee, she was raised to find a gentleman, her momma sure loves me. -Jon Langston
BERKELEY (Social Berkeley) The Social Media Side of Berkeley California! Berkeley News #cal #berkeley on #twitter
RT @latimes: "Nothing short of blackmail": California Senate leader denounces plan to cut funding from "sanctuary cities"…
Garota eu vou pra Califórnia curti a vida sobre as ondas
RT @scrutinize: Santa Monica, California ☀️
RT @kellyz713: NBC News: 💥Gov. Jerry Brown to Trump: 'You Don't Want to Mess With California💥'
RT @allikat_meoww: Missing my California friends and the little baby in T's belly. BRB crying
RT @OurRevolution: Tomorrow in Sacramento: Show up for SB-54, the California Values Act, to keep California safe for all. Event Info:…