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@tina_baines : YES! #WeAreOne... "The earth and myself are of one mind." ~Chief Joseph, Nez Perce #AngelBlessings
Today would have been Louis Riel's 172nd Birthday! He was born on the 22nd of October in the year 1844. He was the leader of the Metis.
@tina_baines : YES! I Am Choosing to LIVE in the Present Moment... #Namaste Thank YOU for sharing...
RT @QueLeer: "Un libro es el arma más efectiva contra la intolerancia e ignorancia" Lyndon Baines Johnson #AntesDeDormir Lee
@tina_baines : YES! #Peace is always #Beautiful... And, so are YOU! Keep shinning your radiant #Light! #AngelBlessings
#ICD Leigh Baines, Ipswich Room: 2 at 12:01
@Espinoza_Ana Very smart. We can make a break for it with Baines before lock down
Siempre me simpatizaron los #WSox desde #Fisk, #Guillen, #Baines #Ventura...Asi q en esta #WorldSeries apoyaré al otro de Chicago.Los #CUBS
RT @DannaJiuliia: @tina_baines Tina what you do EVERYDAY SAVING lives helps me be strong! Huge hugs and THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFE…
@Hazel_Baines 二階堂「ヤバイちょーヤバイ!!!」
Now playing📢📢 Raw Hip Hop - Produced By Tony Baines (@ AdotNewShit) by Adot New Shit!
@Kat_Baines no I take ap classes, I understand oppression.
RT @nedfulmer: If Donald Trump is the least racist person you've ever met, then I'm the most single person you've ever met.
RT @TheWeirdWorld: Someday, future archaeologists are going to dig up Disney World and think it was some sort of mouse-worshiping kingdom.
RT @OKKinderhookRG: He had been ironically nicknamed "Landslide Lyndon" #waxmuseum #USHistory
RT @LBJLibrary: Full house for tonight's "LBJ" screening! 📷 Luci Baines Johnson & Woody Harrelson share a moment after the red carp…