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People who hurt you and hunt you down are monsters. You are a Hero, fight back.
@IdodeLexie we can't please u on how we wanna deal with issue in our country,go to hell,we won't back down
He said sit back down where you belong in the corner of my bar with your high heels on.
RT @Jacksthesizzler: Pyd may be the worst song of Justin but I have no problem with him putting me down while pyd is playing in the back
INTERRUPTION: Service 14 (08:45) from Peel Park isn't in operation due to a break down but will be back in at 09:24 from Corporation St.
As soon as I get kenz laid back down and almost asleep, it starts storming of course
Our website is down this morning - we're working to get it back up as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience.
So, back from my holidays and conference. I had been feeling a bit down, so I was really happy…
I'm fuckin with these nights shifts tho. Goes by quick and not bumping into hella people and no boss breathing down my back. I fucks wit it
RT @eimear_scanlon: Everyone cares for a couple of weeks but when it all dies down you're back to being alone
RT @Jacksthesizzler: Pyd may be the worst song of Justin but I have no problem with him putting me down while pyd is playing in the back
@brumbrewery Boo! I'll keep an eye on your feed tweets and will be down there like a shot when the cans are back in! Thanks
waking up at 2:45 am and not going back to sleep anymore paid off!! one down batchmatesss 👻 Kudos to us! 🍻
RT @epifanys801: I'm fine with individual SNSD member stans, but I'm not okay if you start bashing other members, I won't back down akgaes
And I forgot cause I was sick and just wanted to feed my dogs so I could go lay back down
RT @wolfpupy: its a white lie, like when a hawk swoops down and takes your meatball sub and you tell people it was your baby so they will help get it back
@PeterBarley1 i dont believe so, lets see what copeland think of being let down by the tories for next 3ys, they'll soon come back to Labour
back hurts knee hurts wrist hurts im a special legend who slid down 2 flights of stairs in 30 minutes
RT @cloggerM: What about this for an idea. Change the rules in rugby to speed it up then give 30 penalties to slow it back down again #genious
RT @juuulzsantana: “let her vagina rest on the back of your neck while she pours milk down your face…trust me i’m a professional“
RT @picturehouses: Our favourite little green tractor, @tractorted1 is back at #ToddlerTime this week
Dummy runner's and that ball out the back door with the winger running on to it will be the Sharks down fall. Watch
A plain white boy attempting to take down the entire actual government through literal Hell and back to save mankind
RT @NFL: “This guy is one of the best quarterbacks in the league.” And @DCarr8 is ready to back that statement up:…
*CLEARED* #M8 E/B J4 Whitburn Lane 1 now re-open after repairs to a broken down lorry 🚛 Traffic back to normal 👍… …