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RT @Cannabis_Prince: How to: Valentine's Day for your smoking 😍 💨🔥 Baby girl
RT @Sergiofordy: Under the scrutiny of director Robert Aldrich, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis discuss a scene of "What Ever Happened…
HBD my baby girl @rachelleebarnes 😯 hope your 17th was as great as you are❣️🎉Love you sm
Happy 1st birthday to my baby burrito❤ only boy I need❤
RT @Desstinaay_: lol I might be sleep by 12 but tomorrow is my godsis is turning 1!! omg I'm so excited!❤ that lil girl rlly my hear…
RT @WhoDf_isIrisha: Our baby gone be cute af ❤😍💕🍼
RT @IamKlee_: Rest easy baby girl 😔🙏🏼 You will always be cherished .. never forgotten 👼🏽
RT @lookkaew11: รูปแทรินตอนเดินแบบดูคล้ายๆกันไปหมดแล้ว #แทริน cr. SUPER BABY
RT @daisydadon: y'all really be out here looking like squilliam fancyson with thes fake baby hairs! STOP
RT @hellokoreaxx: #รีวิวฮัลโหล เสื้อยืด oh my baby ยังมีของครบทั้งดำ ขาว นะคะ ลอตสุดท้ายแล้วหมดแล้วหมดเลยเน้อ 200 เท่านั้น🙆🏻
RT @kaylalaaaaa: ice cold baby I told you i'm ice cold💙❄️
RT @WeddingsGoals: When he texts back, calls you baby, posts pics of you, takes you out, kisses your forehead, and plays with your hair
RT @Tumblrisms: Leftist considers killing her baby to make a strong anti-Trump statement on Facebook.
RT @dauhnnise_: Maythe's a, BAD THANG, FINE AS HELL, THICK AS FUCK OH MY GOD, THATS MY BABY @maaaaaythe_
happy 1st birthday my angel baby honey pie sweet sugar 💗
RT @ZayThings: @itsmeMarcoG IG UPDATE!! Good Luck Baby Boy!! KeenHearted MARVOREE