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@uli_cassilva @extrema1940 @carapanarana retrocesso é um grupo querer cagar regra p td mundo. Ocidente baby, mundo livre sacou?
Sua tatuagem é a data em que vcs se conheceram? — Yes baby
RT @LawsOfSex: *bae calls me by my first name* me: "lmfao who that? my name is baby"
@Luhatespants ummmmm how about making ME KWAZY!! or horny baby ya! or maybe happy? whatever your making..I know I w…
i wna know what dinah's up to now.. is she at home? at the studio? is she baby sitting? writing my next song to sin…
@LinzDeFranco my sisters first borns diaper bag fell apart just in time for baby 2. May i ask where can I purchase your bags?
かぼちゃ、バナナなどこちらが好きかな?って思ってた食材をことごとく嫌がる。そしてこりゃ不味いだろと思ってたほうれん草がたまらなく好き。あと豆腐。中身おっさんかな? #2016jun_baby
@MikeTokes And this lead you to support President Baby Fists? Wow. So you are supporting a fascist in order to avoid...fascism?
RT @ComedicBust: "Oh yeah? What else you wanna do to me baby.." Fuck, hold on. I just spilled ranch all over my sheets. God dammit. "Are you ea..." Wings.
♥아가태형♥ Baby~♪ Baby~♪ 그대는 카페라떼향보다 포근했던 그느낌 기억하고있나요? 태형오빠는 지현이만의 Baby~♡♥ @BTS_twt
@larimanoela baby, o que acha de me seguir e seguir a twin @infolarissamano? amamos você ❤
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RT @valllpalllll: If I get a little prettier, can I be ur baby?
RT @AuthorTinaGayle: New Baby, two other kids, Postpartum depression, What to do? #ASMSG #executivewivesclub…
RT @Ash_Costello: "I bet that tattoo hurt baby"....ummmm excuse me? Baby? Your pride is gonna fuckin hurt in a min if you don't back away from me.
RT @RoadrunnersAHL: #1, baby! The best way to see our run toward the playoffs? 10 undated vouchers starting as low as $130! FLEX PLANS…
Where your baby? — where yours?
RT @SaluteMeImJenn: Quick question.. We not still sleeping on @Tinashe right ??! Cause baby this "company" joint 🙌🏾👏🏾
RT @sobisus: [NSFW] kim namjoon - BTS ♡LOVES when you mark him up ♡"doesn't my collar look so pretty on me?" ♡his sobs are so c…
RT @emersseu: Vcs já perceberam que a música 'baba baby' trata-se de um kra q agiu certo perante a sociedade e foi zoado por não ser pedófilo na ocasião?
he be like Lun can u stop smoking lala? baby y try? Ima thug Ima die high
Skyla got these lil baby plain ass nails talking about $100 bitch where?😂
Can this baby plz come tonight?! I'm begging and praying
"Baby you want Starbucks?"