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baby if i break down, will you catch my tears before they hit the ground?
@baby__hook タグ反応ありがとうございます! よければ繋がりませんか?
RT @ms_downtomars: dom is a lil beesh, you cheat on your fiancé find out you had a baby w one of the side pieces & YOU the one need space?!! #BlackInkChi
RT @Nedunaija: Mourinho's sense of entitlement is inexplicable. You tell a man who won you in a high-stake game not to celebrate? Baby Coach!
RT @jadineleto: Ford daw magiging pangalan ng Baby Isti? Uy wag yun! Hahahaha #TIMYRunAway
大好きな人 知っているか? 今日も君への想いで僕は揺れてる ちょっととぼけた 可愛い人 今君に会いたくて僕は泣いてる 触れられない 触れ合えないことに かなり参ってる 不安なんだよ Baby 口にはできないけど 抱き締めたなら ただそれだけで済んでしまうことなのに
@AcaciaBrinley what has changed since moving back Oregon!? PS. Love you guys, so excited for the baby! Miss daily vlogs!
RT @jjongjjung: Q. What is your phone wallpaper? Jsj. The illustrator painting that I really like of cute baby or Paris streets pai…
RT @SEEAYEGOW_: @sabrinskies when's your baby due ? I mean twins
RT @bugwannostra: @AusAmbUSA Doesn't matter where they hide this bloke he is a hypocrite and a dead weight on the Aussie taxpayer. Ba…
Want to win a stylish, lightweight baby stroller that sells for $550? Enter to win a @MyBabyRoues #giveaway
Am I the only one who loves a baby's touch?😄😍
RT @JasmineTohSuMin: the caucasian kid just asked the man "where you'd get the baby from?" nawwww shit so cute❤️️
RT @_mikaylaricks: *i stop texting Adrian for 4 mins while at work* him: you just gonna have my baby & never speak to me again?? so clingy 🙄
RT @FunnyPicsDepot: why she confuse this baby like this? 💀😂
RT @WorIdStarLaugh: why she confuse this baby like this? 💀😂
@baby_flo даа, это ужас((( а ты в каком классе?
RT @stupidlong: How I'm tryna be cuffin season. Like where am I going baby? No where 😂
RT @LadyGemini71: Sweet baby Jesus in a onesie! Ben Crawford is dead?!!! 😩😩😩 #SecretsAndLies
baby what's wrong with cha?
RT @xoxo_layloni: I love her way more than I love anybody in this world. I love my mama nd my baby's father to death, but my child? Nobody can compare.
My bank statement is just food and gas. I only fill my tank up to drive to get food, so basically food is life?