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@Babs_SP This is what I mentioned to you on Sat, Babs. This little moment really makes me question Whyte in April.
RT @srthiagomoraes: esmurra mais o rato que tá pouco bruna
Saving Elliot kat wattpad best gila babs sumpah
@VerginaHurtz I stopped smoking too, kinda. Be stronk Babs
@geeninrodz uy, may nakakaalala pa pala and nagmamahal sakin!!! thank u babs, i love you ☹️❤️
@ENewill @Babchik Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that would be great!!!!!!!!!! Babs, DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!
RT @psylockinney: we deserved kory and babs as friends instead of having them stuck in a love triangle fuck dc
@RaccoonDrew Boy I feel like a real...SOURPUSS today!!
@bokiiiks Hala i really thought nalimtan nmo akong birthday, magmahay na unta ko 🙄 HAHAHAHA. thank u babs 💖 see you next year (?) hehehe
@Babs_SP Haha only just seen that for the first time 😂😂
@babs_0909 @John_Le_Fondre He is there on States business !
19-30 Chine à la mi temps
@sgallagher34 @Babchik They aren’t as unrelated as you think...both fall under the larger group of “things Babs knows nothing about”
RT @kjleigh_write: A little late, but we got it out on Monday. Future episodes should come out in the morning.…
@mkhlgabrielle congrats babs hahahaha galing galing mo idol hahaha sana sa room mapicturan mo ako ng pang dp
*babs says anything* everyone in the world:
@yusonanna So happy to have you thank you babs ❤️😘😻
I liked a @YouTube video [Speedpaint] im gay for these babs