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RT @AlexOrz2: Straccia si me preocuparía, porque muy reconocido y muy B2B pero no todo lo que hace es atinado
@B2B_SalesTips @kimballhal @keenan @M_3jr What better targeting & qualifying are there than knowing how to listen like the top salespeople?
Support for Health and Wellness Business https://t.co/QyC91OuwSW #b2b
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Human & machine. Visit Mintigo's research lab: https://t.co/rGPYNygpor #AI #B2B
@IanBurdick "rest" on the front-end of the B2B?
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Avaya entra en concurso de acreedores tras 16 convulsos años de vida https://t.co/mzDCK7DyRT
01:00 B.Traits: Another Krankbrother Future 12 mix, Wolfskuil Label Mates and B.Traits B2B with DJ T. https://t.co/1zpeb3jtVC
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NBA Streamlines B2B Content Delivery With Cloud-Based NBA Content Network: https://t.co/qGxKIZWELz  via sportsvid… https://t.co/2s2zfNtm3p
@kimballhal @JimKing1 @keenan @M_3jr Fantastic Hal! Reach out any time. Love to hear your feedback!
Straccia si me preocuparía, porque muy reconocido y muy B2B pero no todo lo que hace es atinado
@JimKing1 @kimballhal @keenan @M_3jr Agreed. IMHO the fastest way to improve close ratios is to invest energy in targeting & qualifying.
Key to #B2B electronic #payments success: Offering suppliers choice, @KarlaFriede tells @pymnts -… https://t.co/KRf3iLEVjm
RT @somosgladscom: #B2B y #B2C, ¿cuáles son las #RedesSociales que deben emplear en estrategias de #mercadotecnia? -… https://t.co/AdQeUiFSEz
@kimballhal @B2B_SalesTips @keenan @M_3jr @thercmguy FYI: Hal, the top salespeople earn, sell the most and read the fewest sales books.